Restaurant Success Stories

Zaatar W Zeit

In 1999, Zaatar W Zeit started serving up Lebanese street food in the Sodeco neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon. Fast-forward to today and this Lebanese fast-casual restaurant has expanded to over 80 locations across the Middle East and North Africa. Zaatar W Zeit opened its first North American outpost in Vancouver, Canada—and joined Foodee to deliver meals directly to their main demographic, business folks working in local offices across the city.

Vancouver, BC

Best Falafel’s Partnership with Foodee Brings in Over $3k Monthly Revenue

Braving many eastern Canadian winters at his restaurant in New Brunswick, Hisham Watter longed for the west coast and its mild climate. In 2000, Hisham decided to chase his dream and made the move to Vancouver, opening Best Falafel on Commercial Drive.

Vancouver, BC

Bombay Kitchen’s +$20K Potential Annual Revenue Stream in Office Catering

Back in 2018, Foodee’s then-CEO Ryan Spong and a colleague ate at Vancouver’s recently opened authentic Indian restaurant Bombay Kitchen. They loved every bite.

Vancouver, BC

RASA’s Pop-Up Restaurants: Where Food Culture Meets Company Culture

Food is the gateway to culture. That’s what restaurant owners Rahul Vinod and Sahil Rahman of RASA in Washington, DC, believe. So does Foodee and our corporate clients.

Washington, DC

Foodee Served: Fava Pot Restaurant Hosts Pop-Up Dining Experience

Beyond being the first and only authentic Egyptian restaurant in D.C., Fava Pot has growth and success on its side. Launched as a food truck in 2013, Fava Pot was named one of America’s 26 Best Food Trucks by the Food Network and, a few years later, turned into one successful brick-and-mortar restaurant location after another. Dina, Fava Pot’s business-savvy founder, and owner-operator, partnered with Foodee in 2022 to continue to drive revenue, grow her business, and serve new markets.

Washington, D.C

Healthyish Republic Opens its First Restaurant Location After Partnering with Foodee

During the pandemic, Healthyish Republic in San Francisco’s Mission district operated only as a delivery kitchen. The health food restaurant’s mouthwatering burgers, salads, bowls, and baked treats won’t break people’s diets. More people needed to know about their good food.

San Francisco, CA
Health Food

Growing AAamazing Salad’s Business Up To 30% With Foodee

A Foodee restuarant case study with AAamazing Salad

Toronto, Canada

Austin’s Blue Basil food truck’s recipe for success

Blue Basil in Austin, Texas offers simple, yet delicious Vietnamese-Thai food right out of their super popular food truck window and through Foodee office catering. We spoke with co-owners Bill Main and chef Pranom Chudmaroeng about how they found a partner in their success in Foodee.

Austin, Texas