The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Taste cuisines of the world from San Francisco’s best local restaurants, corporate catered

The options are deliciously endless. San Francisco is infamous as one of America's most culturally diverse food cities.
A mixed vegetable salad with a dressing drizzled along the edges of a white plate

4 Veggie Options Available for Office Delivery from Foodee

It doesn't take long to learn that there's good food and there's great food. Good food is oftentimes tasty, nutritious and timely. Great food is all of the above, but you don’t need to move to go get it.
A hand grabbing one of three labeled to-go containers with salad inside next to two labeled brown paper bags.

7 Simple Ways to Go Green in the Office

Foodee provides sustainable packaging (either compostable or recyclable) for every restaurant you order from. We also work with green delivery partners (who deliver by trike or bicycle) to reduce emissions from getting your lunch catering to your office.
San Francisco skyline after sunset

Top Local Restaurants in San Francisco for Corporate Catering

One of the best things about San Francisco is the thriving food scene. There are thousands of local restaurants to try. Thankfully, you can eat your way through many of the best restaurants every day of the week. You don’t even have to leave your desk if you don’t want to.
Apple's four-story circular building in Cupertino, California

Your Corporate Catering Guide to Top Silicon Valley Restaurants

The best companies to work for in Silicon Valley fuel their top talent with corporate catering. After all, sometimes the best way to employees’ hearts (and their loyalty and engagement) is through their stomachs.
Austin, Texas skyline

Eat Your Way Through Austin’s Local Restaurants With Corporate Catering

Looking for inspired breakfasts, yummy team lunches, snacks, and treats for your Austin office? You’ve come to the right place.