Foodee Plus

Effortlessly plan, order and manage your team meals

Foodee is the best platform to plan, build, and deliver a meal program catered to the whole team.

Streamline your office catering experience

Personalized support from your dedicated account manager

Centralized order management dashboard

Calendar view to organize your weekly meal plan

Filter restaurants by dietary and cuisine preferences to find meals for everyone

Empower your decisions with usage reports and analytics

Maximize your budget by choosing individual or family style orders

Why our clients love us

" We want to make sure our employees do not have to worry about their next day’s lunch and Foodee has made this very easy for us. Foodee helps us keep on track with our work. "

Bass Yacoub

Kindred Systems


Five out of five star rating on Trustpilot.

" Foodee always takes care of me! I get the best assistance from your team with any questions I may have. Very accommodating crew. Food is always delivered on time and in excellent condition. "

Raquel Andrade

Escape Bio


Five out of five star rating on Trustpilot.

" Our team always looks forward to our Foodee orders. The service and food quality are exceptional and the delivery is right on time. "

Jill Sutcliffe



Five out of five star rating on Trustpilot.

" Foodee is awesome for organizing team meals at work. They have come through for me many times, helping me plan meals. And the support team are wonderful. "

Julie Bot



Five out of five star rating on Trustpilot.

Manage your orders from one centralized dashboard

Meal planning calendar

Use the calendar view to approve and edit your weekly meal plan.

Multiple locations

Manage orders across various locations seamlessly, and allow users to be assigned to multiple offices at once.

Flexible planning options

Get smart restaurant suggestions that match your teams' dietary preferences or self selection options.

Personalized support from a dedicated account manager

Curated restaurant recommendations

Receive local restaurant options based on your teams' budget, cuisine and dietary preferences.

Priority ordering support

Your dedicated account manager will personally handle last minute changes, complex orders and special events.

Order Individual or Sharing Style Meals

Foodee+ makes it easy to create different order types to suit your teams' needs.

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Three people holding up food bowls with beans, avocado and shrimp.

Individually packaged meals

Individually packaged meals, personalized labeling make it easy to pull off the ol’ grab-and-go.


Build your own buffet experience to feed a large group and spread your meal budget further.

Maximize team participation

Nudge stragglers with automated reminders

Keep your team orders on track by sending reminders to order.

Same-day order cut-off times for maximum flexibility

Employees have until the morning of to order their meal.

Create shareable order links for guests

Efficiently manage meals for hybrid teams or allow guests to access planned meals.

Gather insights about your meal program

Organization-wide order summaries

Access a company wide overview of all your orders, or a granular summary of each individual order.

Detailed usage reports

Create custom reports to view weekly or monthly financial reporting, company spend, utilization, orders per day and employee contribution.

Flexible spending for every meal

Customizable Budgets

Utilize fully or partially subsidized meals to get the most out of your budget.

Employee Top Up Feature

Allow team members to cover the difference by paying with their own credit card.

100% Employee Paid Meals

Team members can order through Foodee+ and cover 100% of their own meals.

The best way to let your team pick their own meals

Multiple restaurant selections

Cover a range of dietary needs and provide more cuisine variety.

Inclusive dietary options

Invite your team to create and save their dietary profiles. Filter by restaurants that match their preferences.

Instant chat support

Everyone on your team can easily get help from the Foodee+ support team.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words

Curbing food waste with individual portioning

Hyper-local restaurant partners for reduced delivery distance

Supporting sustainable, eco-conscious packaging

Zero emission delivery vehicles in select markets

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