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Foodee bites into the $210 billion online food delivery market

May 8, 2019 Foodee CEO Ryan Sprong authors this article for CEO World Magazine where he talks about the growth potential for online food delivery and the young, tech-savvy force that’s driving the demand.

How Foodee CEO Ryan Spong tapped into the $210B food-tech industry and found success

April 12, 2019 Interview on Grit Daily with author Jordan French and Foodee CEO Ryan Spong gives readers an inside look into how the tech industry has raised the bar for corporate office food.

Foodee is bringing exciting local culinary gems to the workplace

April 8, 2019 Exclusive interview on Investorideas.com with Foodee CEO Ryan Spong on how he connects the top local owner-operated restaurants with innovative companies looking for an edge.

Cool Thing Entrepreneurs Do with Thom Singer: Podcast Episode 463

May 30, 2019 Episode 463 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” is an interview with Foodee CEO Ryan Spong. In this episode he shares his journey from Investment Banking to being a top entrepreneur in the ever expanding food industry.

Ryan Spong CEO of Foodee, A Fresh Kind Of Catering Company with Justin Brady: Podcast

June 4, 2019: Ryan Spong is the founder of Foodee, a tech company that is merging local food, local chefs and scalable catering options for large organizations.

Foodee CEO On Finding A Competitive Advantage

June 21, 2019: Ryan Spong’s career was the tale of two paths. Half of it was spent in restaurants and catering and the other half was spent in corporate offices in finance. He decided to bring the two worlds together.

Foodee CEO On Finding A Competitive Advantage

June 22, 2019: A few years ago, brown-bag desk lunches, bad catering and random pizza days at work were acceptable. Not anymore. The tech industry raised the bar for workplace benefits and standards—and offering daily office meals is the new norm cross-industry. 

Ryan Spong: If a bustling local food scene makes a city, how will Vancouver thrive?

July 7, 2019: Local restaurants are an essential, vibrant part of every city’s culture. They help define the place and the people who live there. Local restaurants showcase the brilliant multitude of cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds and cuisines that a thriving, diverse city represents. 

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