About Us

Foodee has delivered over 10,000,000 office catering meals in 15 cities across North America—and is continuing to grow. Despite our progress, our mission has stayed the same since our grassroots beginnings.


To strengthen local restaurants by building a managed platform for businesses to order meals.


When local restaurants feed their city’s workforce, we elevate office culture, eliminate food waste, and build vibrant, sustainable communities.

Until recently, employees at companies across North America were reduced to eating bag lunches alone at their desks and—on special occasions—sharing wasteful, tasteless corporate catering meals. Meanwhile, local owner-operated restaurants with delicious homemade meals had to close their doors for lack of customers.

And then in 2011, Foodee was born. Founders Jon Cartwright and Ryan Spong aimed to liberate company cultures from sad desk lunches and bad office catering once and for all. This dream became a reality in 2013 when Ryan, now a reformed investment banker and successful restauranteur, became CEO of Foodee.


Local food delivery.

Here at Foodee, we know that local owner-operated restaurants take great pride in serving fantastic food. Many of them are institutions in their local communities. They support local farmers and growing families, serve high-quality food and have a smaller footprint on the world (at least compared to chain restaurants).


Awesome company culture.

We also get company culture. We understand how challenging—and time-consuming—it can be to establish a community of happy, healthy and engaged employees. That’s why we work hard to build a relationship with every client and become a part of their community. Knowing just what an office manager, coordinator, or executive assistant needs (and what their company culture wants) allows us to deliver by bringing teams together over a shared meal.


Office catering meets company culture.

Foodee connects these two worlds and makes them stronger and better together. Corporate catering meals, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and event catering, are now local, delicious, easy to order and delivered on time. High-quality local restaurants stay open—and thrive—because we help simplify operations, increase sales and unify brand experiences. Our delivery service also prioritizes environmentally-friendly packaging (compostable wherever possible) and eco-friendly food delivery methods, such as grouping orders together.

Our Values

Nurture community

We are proud local advocates. By supporting and elevating all food cultures, we build stronger, more vibrant communities.

Love food, not food waste

Food waste comes with a heavy carbon footprint. We build innovative solutions that disrupt traditional catering to fight climate change.

Cultivate belonging

Diversity makes us stronger. We practice empathy to see new perspectives and build an inclusive culture where all voices are heard.

Solve constraints

In a world of finite resources, we want to unlock our full potential. We bring curiosity, creativity and ambition to change the future of food.

Hungry for results

Every person is here to make an impact. We step up to the plate every day and take ownership of our individual and collective growth.


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