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How does Foodee work?

We make it easy for companies to order from top local restaurants for meetings and work events by providing a large variety of carefully curated menus through our online ordering platform. We also offer personalized service from start to finish including a local account manager to help cater to your needs, a live concierge team for real-time support, and professional drivers to ensure your order is accurate and delivered on time.

You can order online, by email at order@food.ee or by phone at 1.844.8FOODEE.

What kind of restaurants can I expect?

We partner with top local restaurants your team loves, from local landmarks to hidden hotspots.

Our wide selection of restaurants allows you to choose from many cuisine types. Best of all we're always adding new ones, lookout for your new favorite restaurant coming soon!

What type of events and meals do you serve?

We serve every type of meal for any corporate function. Small breakfast meeting for 5? We got you covered. Overtime team dinner for 50? No problem. Organizing a 1000 person office party? We can do that too! You can even send another company the gift of food, nothing says thank you like a box of your city's best donuts!

Not sure what you need? From restaurant choice, to menu planning, to budget management, our local food experts are in your city and available to cater to your needs. Contact us by email at order@food.ee or by phone at 1.844.8FOODEE.

How do I place an order?

Order online:
1. Find your city page
2. Select a delivery time & date
3. Choose a restaurant
4. Fill your cart with menu items and checkout when you're ready!

Need a hand? We put local food experts and a live concierge team at your service. Our team is available 8AM-7PM to answer your questions or help with last minute changes. Contact us by email at order@food.ee or by phone at 1.844.8FOODEE.

Do I have to order in advance?

Yes, most of our restaurant partners require 24-hour advance notice.

Need a last minute delivery? We can find a restaurant to accommodate your order. Contact us by email at order@food.ee or by phone at 1.844.8FOODEE.

What's the minimum order size?

The minimum order size is $40 (excluding taxes and our delivery fee).

Can people on my team place their own order?

Yes, you can let each person order the item of their choice by starting a team order.

1. Choose a restaurant
2. Click on the “Team Order” button
3. Set the date and time of delivery, the number of people ordering and the budget for each person
4. Share the link with your team!

How do I change or cancel an order?

Contact us by email at order@food.ee or by phone at 1.844-8FOODEE at least 24 hours in advance for orders under 25 people, and at least 48 hours in advance for orders 25 people or over.

What if I'm not sure what I want to order?

Our local food experts can help with restaurant choice, menu planning and budget management. Contact us by email at order@food.ee or by phone at 1.844.8FOODEE.

I noticed that Foodee does not have the full restaurant menu?

We work closely with our restaurant partners to curate menus to offer you only the best options that travel well.

If your favorite item has been left off our curated menu, contact us by email at order@food.ee or by phone at 1.844-8FOODEE to see if we can accommodate your order.

Can I order from multiple restaurants?

Of course! We understand for larger scale events having multiple food options is important. If you need cuisine variety for your meeting or event feel free to reach out to your Account Manager to assist in planning your event.

We do not recommend ordering from multiple restaurants for small group orders because each restaurant is treated as an individual order with a delivery fee for each order.

What are your holiday hours?

We are closed all major statutory holidays. Our local offices are closed in accordance to provincial and/or state holiday standards. Our regular hours of operation are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (PST). Our live Concierge Team is available Monday to Friday 5am-5pm (PST).


What is a Team Order?

A Team Order allows your employees to individually choose what they want from the selected restaurant menu and submit it to a shared cart visible to the person who set up the order (Order Owner). Only the Order Owner needs a Foodee account to start a Team Order. A unique link is generated to be shared to employees participating in the Team Order. Additionally, the Order Owner can set a deadline for orders to be submitted and a budget for each team member to spend.

Will my name be on my meals?

Individual labelling of food items is not currently available.

Can I add items to an order past the deadline?

Only the Order Owner can add items past the deadline. If you have selected Auto-Submit, your order will automatically be sent to Foodee at the deadline, in which case you would have to contact us to make a change. All changes are subject to our order editing policy.

I am an ordering team member. What do I do if I want to update my order after I have placed it?

Please contact your Order Owner (the person who organized your meal), so that they can submit the requested changes. All changes are subject to our order editing policy.

How do I request for special dietary restrictions?

If you have a special dietary restriction or allergy, you can add a note to your item or order before placing it. If you would like to add a note, simply click the ‘pencil icon' on any menu item to bring up the notes popup.

For a team order, can I pick multiple restaurants?

No, each restaurant is treated as a separate team order. If you wish to order from more than one, delivery fees for each order will apply.

How do I cancel my team order?

Order Owners can cancel a team order anytime before it is submitted through the edit window. Click the 'pencil icon' in the top right corner of your ordering cart to bring up this menu.

After the order has been submitted, you will have to contact our Concierge Team who will process your cancellation. All cancelled orders are subject to our cancellation policy.

While I am waiting for my team to order, am I guaranteed to have the restaurant/time I have selected?

Restaurant capacities fill up as orders are submitted to Foodee. Your spot is reserved only after your Team Order deadline has passed and your order has been submitted. If you are interested in reserving a time-slot, select the Auto-Submit feature for Team Orders.

Auto-Submit includes a pre-checkout that allows you to ‘set it and forget it’. You will enter your delivery and payment details before adding cart items. Once your deadline is up, your order goes through automatically.

How do I create a team order?

Steps to create a Team Order:

1. Login to your account
2. Choose a restaurant
3. Before adding items to your cart in the restaurant page, click the button “Create Team Order” inside the cart space.
4. Fill out your details (deadline, budget, delivery address etc)
5. Share the Team Order unique link to your team
6. When everybody has submitted their order, you can close it and submit. Alternatively, you can choose Auto-Submit and have the order close and submit automatically.

What is the Order Deadline?

The order deadline is the time and date by which team members must have submitted their orders. This time is set by the Order Owner. Your team members have visibility of the deadline (through a countdown timer) within the shared Team Order link. After the deadline, the cart will be locked to the team and you, the Order Owner, can review or edit the whole order and submit when ready.

What is Auto-Submit? Should I select it?

When you make a new Team Order, you will have an option to “Auto-Submit.” This option includes a pre-checkout that requires you to enter your delivery and payment details before adding cart items. On the day of your deadline, your order will be submitted automatically. We will send you an email reminder a few hours before your deadline to review your order.


How do I pay for my order?

Fill in the payment section with your credit card information at checkout. You can save your credit card to speed up your checkout process for future orders.

What credit cards are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

When will my credit card be charged?

We’ll charge your credit card within 24 hours after the scheduled delivery time.

What if my transaction does not go through?

Please contact us at 1-844-8FOODEE and our Concierge Team will help troubleshoot any payment issues.

Are there other options for payment?

No, we currently only accept credit card payments. If you do not have access to a corporate credit card please contact our concierge team at order@food.ee. We will make sure to find a solution.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, a receipt will be emailed to you after the credit card has been charged.


Who delivers my food? How is the food delivered to me?

We hire and train our own drivers to adhere to our service standards. Our drivers are professional, courteous, on time and in uniform.

How is the food packaged?

As every restaurant’s offering is unique, so is the variety of packaging. We give the option to all our restaurant partners to use compostable products. The packaging used will always ensure the highest food quality as determined by the restaurant. All napkins, cutlery and plates are by request as an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Contact us if you have any questions about specific packaging for a particular restaurant.

Will my order arrive right at the time scheduled?

Drop-offs are scheduled with a window of 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after your scheduled delivery time. For last minute requests, we work hard to meet the requested delivery time. We will contact you if we expect delays.

Can I pick up my order?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer client pick-ups.

Do I have to tip?

Tips are not necessary. We pay our delivery drivers a competitive wage to ensure they are focused on delivering your food in a timely and consistent manner. Since we only serve corporate clients, we don't expect you to carry small change for our drivers. Instead of a tip, refer us to a friend.

What happens if my order is late?

Our logistics team works hard to prevent delays on all our orders. However, even the best laid plans sometimes do not go as expected. If a delay is identified, expect a call from our Concierge Team notifying you about the delay with an updated ETA. For any issues contact us and our Concierge Team will be quick to correct the situation. We won’t leave any member of your team unsatisfied!


Why are you not delivering to my city?

We are rapidly expanding throughout North America and will hopefully be working with restaurants near you soon!