Ways To Order

Ways To Order

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Foodee is a corporate catering company that specializes in local food delivery to company cultures like yours.
How do you like to order office catering?


We like to order our meals

Daily Orders

Every day


Weekly Orders



A Few Times A Month

A few times a month*


Special Occasions

On special occasions*


*Ordering online right from our website is a great option for those who want office catering delivered once in a while.

We want to spend (per person)

Under $10

Less than $10


We’re craving baked goods and coffee or light snacks



$10 – $15


We want a light lunch or snacks we can share


$15 - $20

$15 – $20


We’re hungry for a meal



More than $20


We want the works—with dessert, sides and drinks


When it comes to ordering

Order Online

Self-serve is my jam


I know what my team likes and I’ll order for them


Team Orders

We order as a team


I’ll select the restaurant and let my team choose their meals


Meal Planning

Help us plan our meals


We want meal-plan coordinators to tell us the best spots and order for us


We want our order to be

Individually Packaged

Individually wrapped


We want our meals packaged separately for each team member


Grouped Togther

Grouped together


We want a variety of individually wrapped menu items to pick from


Family Style

Family style


We’re happy to share from a family-style platter of food


Fully Catered

Fully catered


We want full-service catering—with setup, servers, and cleanup included


Hungry for your city’s best local restaurants?

Order Now

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