Foodee’s restaurant partners are at the core of our business.

Our mission is to strengthen local restaurants by building a managed platform for businesses to order meals

Increase your revenue

Double your business with Foodee by receiving large orders from corporate clients. The best part? Our order pick-up is always before and after your busiest hours.

Focus on the food

We handle the entire delivery service including sales, marketing, logistics, and invoicing. This means you can focus on what matters the most – making great food.

You’re the boss

This partnership puts you in the driver’s seat. The decisions that matter the most including menu, order capacity and operating hours are always up to you.

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I feel that foodee is invested in my success, backing me and pushing me and making other companies recognise that I have a quality product.

- Tony Marzo, Kessel & March

A server smiling from Gu's restaurant.
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Paperboy's food truck with many people sitting at the tables in front of the truck.

Foodee handles customer interactions, delivery, logistics and invoicing so we don't have to. As a result we are free to focus on what we're good at: making awesome food.

- Stefan Holm, Hubbub

Two chefs working in the kitchen.

Foodee has helped out restaurant generate a significant number of large delivery orders we wouldn't have otherwise had the resources to coordinate and fulfill.

- Dane Brown, Bestie

Here’s how Foodee works for you

Foodee works exclusively with corporate clients. This means that orders are typically a minimum of $200, restaurants are given 24 hour advance notice, and orders are prepared during non-peak hours. Additionally, Foodee has the most incredible concierge team to work with you on any questions or issues you have.

Absolutely not! As a service to our restaurants, Foodee will place your menu and food photos up on your website at no cost. We will work with you to get all the information on the page just right.

Any clients you currently serve are still yours to maintain a relationship with and serve in the same capacity. We have found that many restaurants ask existing clients to order through Foodee because of how much easier the ordering and delivery process is. Test us out and see for yourself!

Orders are placed by clients either online or through our help sales staff. We confirm all the order details and pass the order to you for approval. Once you have approved, simply have the food ready at the indicated pickup time.

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