Bombay Kitchen’s +$20K Potential Annual Revenue Stream in Office Catering

Back in 2018, Foodee’s then-CEO Ryan Spong and a colleague ate at Vancouver’s recently opened authentic Indian restaurant Bombay Kitchen. They loved every bite. One meeting and a few days later, Bombay Kitchen owners Harsh Sharma and Sasha Pavlovic were taking office catering orders as a newly minted Foodee Restaurant Partner.

Bombay kitchen and bar, authentic Indian cuisine.
Vancouver, BC
Eight food platters on a table including: Basmati Rice, Goa Fish Curry, Butter Chicken, Chicken Karahi, Palak Paneer, and Chilli Prawns.

<4 days to onboard Foodee

~22 customers on average served per order

Foodee clients order at least once a week

~$400 on average in sales per order with Foodee

+~$20,800 potential average in annual revenue

Foodee’s created so much business for us! We’ve had a great experience—it was quick and efficient to onboard and the customer service team is quick to solve any issues. We even recommended partnering with Foodee to other local restaurants because we had such success. Service slowed during COVID, as it did for everyone, but it’s picking up again. We love that Foodee cares about supporting local restaurants and building awareness for us. Other catering companies just serve general cuisine rather than showcase and help drive business for individual restaurants like ours.

Harsh Sharma, Owner, Bombay Kitchen, Vancouver, Canada

Why Bombay Kitchen Has Been a Foodee Partner Since 2018

When Foodee’s then-CEO Ryan Spong first tried Bombay Kitchen, he knew how much Foodee’s clientele would love their authentic and homemade-from-scratch dishes. Over that same meal, the restaurant owners were convinced to expand their business into catering with Foodee.

The owners of Bombay Kitchen, Sasha and Harsh, sitting at a table in their restaurant.

For the Bombay Kitchen restaurant owners, the benefits of partnering with Foodee were clear:

Reach new markets and clientele

Add new revenue stream with catering

Increase restaurant revenue; during off-peak times

Market business among top local restaurants

Four days later, after a “quick and efficient” onboarding with Foodee, Bombay Kitchen had their first office catering order of many in the years since.

Average Weekly Orders With Foodee ~$400: A +$20K Annual Potential 

The best part? On average, Bombay Kitchen’s order sizes with Foodee are 22 people served and ~$400 in average sales per order. That kind of business adds up quickly when Foodee’s corporate clients order with Bombay Kitchen weekly or a few times a week.

Let’s do the math with a conservative once-a-week average order: 

1 Foodee order per week  X $400 average order amount =  ~$20,800 in annual revenue

This is an estimate, but it’s a significant added revenue stream for any business every year.

Plus, most of Foodee’s corporate clients order daily office catering from a variety of local restaurants, Bombay Kitchen among them. So there is a good chance that they’ll be hungry for traditional homemade-from-scratch Indian food more than once a week.

Seven platters of food on a table including: Basmati Rice, Garlic Naan, Prawn Biryani, Chicken Curry, and Chicken Karahi.

Staggering Large Catering Orders at Off-Peak Hours

Despite the large order size, Foodee orders are picked up before and after peak restaurant hours, depending on when the order’s delivery time is. Bombay Kitchen—and all restaurant partners—are also given plenty of advanced notice of upcoming Foodee orders so that they can plan, shop, and prepare ahead of time.

In other words, there’s no added stress for the added revenue stream of Foodee office catering.

Bombay's bar with a backlit shelf containing alcohol surrounded by a square shaped countertop with wooden barstools.

We’ve been very impressed by the level of service we’ve gotten over the years, especially on the logistics side of things. Foodee’s ability to work with and coordinate drivers, third-party companies, restaurant partners, and corporate clients is on point. Plus, Foodee’s support team is great at fixing issues if they ever arise.

Harsh Sharma, Owner, Bombay Kitchen, Vancouver, Canada

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