Healthyish Republic Opens its First Restaurant Location After Partnering with Foodee

During the pandemic, Healthyish Republic in San Francisco’s Mission district operated only as a delivery kitchen. The health food restaurant’s mouthwatering burgers, salads, bowls, and baked treats won’t break people’s diets. More people needed to know about their good food. Omer Sincer, Healthyish Republic’s Founder, searched online for how restaurants can reach more people to increase awareness and revenue. That’s when he discovered Foodee and became a restaurant partner in Foodee’s office catering.

Healthyish Republic
San Francisco, CA
Health Food

After we started working with Foodee, we reached more people and increased our sales. Since we receive more orders from Foodee daily, this helped us a lot with brand awareness. It is one of the best things about Foodee that we can serve large groups and promote our business. Opening a brick and mortar was a dream for us since the beginning—we worked really hard to make this happen—and Foodee is one of the partners who helped us silently on this journey.

Omer, Owner of Healthyish Republic

Partnering with Foodee boosts restaurant profit by 5%

Once Healthyish Republic partnered with Foodee, things started to look up for them. “Foodee is one of the most profitable platforms with fair pricing,” Omer said. On average, they generate almost $1,000 extra in monthly revenue from Foodee’s office catering sales. That’s about a 5% increase in monthly revenue that they didn’t have before.

“Foodee is one of the best partners we are working with,” Omer explained. “Onboarding progress was very easy and quick. The Foodee team is always helpful and whenever we need someone is there. Also, Foodee’s commission rates are reasonable compared to other corporate delivery services. This helps make our business more profitable. Foodee is not only thinking of their clients but also of restaurant partners like us.”

By adding a revenue stream and reaching more clientele, the small business owners could focus on what mattered most: making good, healthy food and opening their first brick-and-mortar restaurant location.

Added revenue stream helps launch first restaurant location

After two challenging years of operating solely as a delivery kitchen, in July 2022, Healthyish Republic celebrated the grand opening of its first-ever location in San Francisco’s Mission district. People can now enjoy Healthyish Republic’s delicious and guilt-free meals in-house, to-go, and in corporate offices across San Francisco.

“The most important benefit of partnering with Foodee is the delivery service that they provide. We only have to focus on preparing the meals and they handle the rest. This helps us a lot in saving time and labor.”

Become a restaurant partner with Foodee

Grow your business with increased brand awareness and new revenue streams, just like Healthyish Republic did. Join your thriving local community of Foodee’s owner-operated restaurant partners. Together, we’ll serve your meals in the offices of top corporations across the country every day of the week.

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