Austin’s Blue Basil food truck’s recipe for success

Blue Basil in Austin, Texas offers simple, yet delicious Vietnamese-Thai food right out of their super popular food truck window and through Foodee office catering. We spoke with co-owners Bill Main and chef Pranom Chudmaroeng about how they found a partner in their success in Foodee.

Austin, Texas

“[Before Foodee], we shared a commissary partner with another local food truck and I kept wondering who was coming to pick up the food every day. I contacted Foodee and it was busy from day one.”

Why Blue Basil food truck chose Foodee office catering

We asked Bill why they chose to partner with Foodee over other corporate catering companies.

“That’s easy. Foodee limited the number of restaurant partners it worked with initially, choosing well-known, excellent providers (like Blue Basil) and didn’t flood, in our case, its offerings with too many similar options. Also, the green initiatives are nice.”

It’s important to them that the delivery or catering service they partnered with had “competent, reliable drivers that know the city, are polite, and care about what they are delivering.” They found that most other third-party app companies seemed to have driver acquisition as an afterthought, rather than a priority.

How one food truck attracts more business

Bill and Pranom ran a local restaurant in Thailand for two decades before moving their business to the U.S. We asked Bill what inspired them to open a food truck in Austin, Texas.

“Austin is a food truck heaven. Not only are the hip and cool driving the movement, but the widespread popularity of all food trucks to the office community has been remarkable. Our successful philosophy is simple: we offer excellent food at an excellent price. We’re on time. We’re detail-oriented.”

Pranom brings her home-style cooking to the food truck. Everything is made with love, from hand- grinding spices to marinating meats overnight, and foodies can tell. It’s local family-run, community-centric gems like Blue Basil that make food for the love of it that Foodee looks for in restaurant partners.

Getting the support they need with Foodee

Onboarding with Foodee was easy for Blue Basil. They found everyone to be very friendly and open to answering his questions. Whenever he needed support throughout the partnership, once he knew who to connect with, “it was easy and people were helpful!” The co-owners care deeply about the efficiency of order fulfillment and delivery process. On that front, “Foodee has been excellent.”

A partner in success: Growing Blue Basil’s business together

Blue Basil’s delicious local Thai food fuels other businesses and organizations (through their stomachs and hearts!) across Austin. As offices reopen their doors and feed their teams once again, Foodee and Blue Basil work together to bring our collective recipes for success to the foodies of Austin—and grow their business.

Bill Main
Blue Basil Co-Owner
Before the pandemic, 10 to 15% of Blue Basil's revenue came from Foodee office catering.

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