Best Falafel’s Partnership with Foodee Brings in Over $3k Monthly Revenue

Braving many eastern Canadian winters at his restaurant in New Brunswick, Hisham Watter longed for the west coast and its mild climate. In 2000, Hisham decided to chase his dream and made the move to Vancouver, opening Best Falafel on Commercial Drive. 

Best Falafel, authentic Syrian Lebanese Food.
Vancouver, BC

Owner, Hisham Watter, with his brother at his first restaurant job. England, 1978.

They are different from other delivery companies, their commission was lower and their delivery system is fast, but above all is the excellent customer service

Hisham Watter, Owner of Best Falafel

Born in Damascus, Hisham’s mission was to provide a taste of Syrian Lebanese cuisine combined with exceptional service, affordable prices, and his high-energy approach to hospitality. This winning combination has afforded Hisham notoriety amongst many on Vancouver’s trendy food destination, Commercial Drive.

Despite the competitive nature of Vancouver’s restaurant industry, Best Falafel has added two more locations to its roster within Metro Vancouver.

Best Falafel averages $3150 a month through Foodee Delivered

Due to the restaurant’s popularity and growing demand from corporate customers, Foodee reached out to Best Falafel to propose a partnership in early 2018. This winning partnership has resulted in an average monthly revenue of $3150.

In just the past few years they have added two more locations in the highly competitive Vancouver restaurant market.

Foodee contributes to about 10 percent of our sales and we are extremely happy with this partnership, looking for years to come.

A user-friendly and intuitive ordering system for corporate clients

As a Foodee partner for several years, Best Falafel has been able to grow its corporate catering business. Foodee allows the user to have a tailor-made experience when ordering. With options for dietary restrictions and personalization requirements, clients have access to restaurant-level attention to detail at their fingertips.

“ It benefits all of us and above all has given our customers a unique experience with food delivery because it is very organized and includes personalized order labelling to every customer.”

Integrating Foodee into Best Falafel’s operations

When it came to onboarding, the process was as smooth as Best Falafel’s hummus. It was a quick and simple addition to the restaurant’s workflow and the Foodee orders soon followed. With an average order size for 35 people, it has brought Best Falafel’s authentic Syrian Lebanese cuisine to corporate offices all across the Vancouver area.

The team that came from Foodee was superb, they helped us set up everything, and explained how they operate. We are both experienced in high-volume orders, it was the perfect match.

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