Foodee Served: Fava Pot Restaurant Hosts Pop-Up Dining Experience

Beyond being the first and only authentic Egyptian restaurant in D.C., Fava Pot has growth and success on its side. Launched as a food truck in 2013, Fava Pot was named one of America’s 26 Best Food Trucks by the Food Network and, a few years later, turned into one successful brick-and-mortar restaurant location after another. Dina, Fava Pot’s business-savvy founder, and owner-operator, partnered with Foodee in 2022 to continue to drive revenue, grow her business, and serve new markets.

How? Fava Pot joined Foodee Served, a brand-new initiative where the top companies and organizations host their favorite local restaurants in-house for pop-up dining experiences with the help of Foodee.

FavaPot, authentic Egyptian restaurant in Washington D.C.
Washington, D.C
The front entrance of the Fava Pot restaurant with an individual holding up a bowl of their ordered food.

8-12% boost

in restaurant’s weekly revenue from Foodee Served pop-up events

Increased brand exposure

to employees and guests attending the corporate events

New happy customers

visit restaurant locations after attending the Foodee Served events

Foodee Served: Pop-Up Local Restaurant Dining Experiences at America’s Top Companies

One of Foodee’s corporate clients in Washington, D.C. held a series of events in late 2022 with about 100 guests attending each event. They wanted to create an unforgettable dining experience at these events and connected with Foodee to help make it happen. That’s when we suggested that Foodee Served bring Fava Pot’s authentic Egyptian as a pop-up dining experience at the events.

A platter of chickpeas beside an assortment of sliced pita, fallafel placed around a tahini dip.

What is Foodee Served?

Foodee Served is a pop-up dining experience where top local restaurants, like Fava Pot, set up pop-up kitchens and serve their delicious menus inside corporate offices’ dining halls, cafeterias, and event spaces. Foodee Served is a win-win for both our corporate clients and restaurant partners. Organizations get to support local and diverse restaurant businesses and feed their employees (and guests) the best food in the city. Plus, it’s such a cool and unexpected experience!

A Fava Pot chef grilling meat on top of a barbecue in front of the Fava Pot restaurant.

Dina Daniels, Owner and Founder of Fava Pot

We began with Foodee a few months ago. We wanted to partner with local companies to take over their cafeterias and expose our brand and our food to more patrons.

Stephen, Manager of Operations, Fava Pot restaurants

Why our Restaurant Partners Love Foodee Served:

  • It’s another avenue to earn more revenue
  • New audiences and markets try their food—and often become new restaurant patrons
  • Expand brand and marketing reach to corporate clients with Foodee’s help
  • Great word-of-mouth marketing
  • Unforgettable and fun experiences for diners (and restaurant staff)

After the success of Fava Pot’s first pop-up event with our corporate client’s initial event, Fava Pot was invited back earlier than scheduled and hosted several more very successful events together. Those few events alone boosted their weekly revenue by 8-12%. Plus, they’ve since hosted other Foodee Served pop-ups with other local D.C. corporate clients.

Six large platters of Fava Pot's desserts including Egyptian cookies and Kunafa with Sweet Cheese.

We received a lot of positive feedback from customers and gained many new customers at our physical locations. Each time we went back, the chef along with staff and return customers raved about how great the food was, Chef said she was asked multiple times when we’d be returning.

Stephen, Manager of Operations

How Foodee Served Works for Restaurant Partners

The Foodee team not only makes the connections between our corporate clients and restaurant partners but helps set everyone up for successful pop-up events. Our Foodee Served team helps with:

  • Food and beverage guarantee revenue for each event
  • Logistics planning and support leading up to the events
  • Provide marketing materials, including co-branded menus and signage at the events
  • Co-create the pop-up dining menus with the events in mind
  • Kitchen equipment provided for on-site serving
  • Coordinate vendor payments
The Fava pot team standing together inside the Fava Pot restaurant.

Dina and the Fava Pot restaurant crew

Onboarding was pretty simple, we’re learning as we go and detailed instructions are provided for each event we accept. So far everything has been good. We are excited about the new partnership!

Become a Foodee Served restaurant partner and grow your business like Fava Pot!

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