Growing AAamazing Salad’s Business Up To 30% With Foodee

A Foodee restuarant case study with AAamazing Salad

Aamazing Salad, fresh, delicious, and healthy salads.
Toronto, Canada

AAamazing Salad has been serving its loyal Torontonian customers fresh, delicious, and healthy salads with housemade dressings since 2014. People love it so much that it’s made it into Toronto’s top 10 salad restaurants and been given high praise by BlogTO and Now Magazine. We spoke with Eva Liu, co-owner and operator, about her aaamazing experience partnering and growing her business with Foodee and how she stays organized and on top of order fulfillment for daily, weekly, and monthly office catering.

In 2016, we started our partnership with our dearest Foodee team! Back then, we were in Toronto’s Kensington Market. Foodee found us and our friendship grew from there. Foodee opened our eyes and sent our love and nutritious salads to local offices—right to the people who needed yummy food and who cared about and loved their bodies. They brought our food to the foodies.

Eva, Co-Owner and Operator, AAamazing Salads

Why AAamazing Salad loves its partnership with Foodee

AAamazing Salad’s goal is to send fresh, healthy, and protein- rich filling salads with deliciously colourful presentations (thanks to Eva’s artistic abilities!) to their customers. “We do our best to keep our customers happy and healthy. The best part about our partnership with Foodee is that once we receive an order, we just need to focus on making the orders the best. We don’t need to worry about the delivery or anything else—and the drivers are friendly and reliable.”

“We hope we can make it better and better together! Foodee is a wonderful partner that always cares and supports us. You’re always thinking about us and giving us so many opportunities to serve your beloved clients! Foodee cares about us. Like the time that our restaurant was robbed, Foodee saw our post on Instagram—your team emailed us to offer your help. That was super nice and sweet. It melted my heart!”

Before the pandemic, Foodee contributed 20-30% of AAamazing Salad’s revenue.

Onboarding Foodee into AAamazing Salad’s daily operations

Foodee and AAamazing Salad have been partners for years and have supported their restaurant’s growth and expansion into new locations. Eva recalls that onboarding was quick and easy but at the very beginning, only a few small orders came trickling in. But, as more of Foodee’s office clients tried what AAamazing Salad had to offer, the great reviews rolled in—and so did the orders! Soon Foodee was helping them boost sales and reach new markets (eaters!) in offices across Toronto.

“We became very close partners. And again, we love you guys! You’re so organized and all of the orders are so clear. Foodee’s prepared all of the labels so well that we can just print and use them to label each item. We really appreciate those little things that save us so much time. It’s also very important for reducing any mistakes.”

Organizing order fulfillment and delivery ahead-of-time with Foodee

Over the years, Eva has fine-tuned her order fulfillment and delivery processes with Foodee so that she and her partner can focus on what they do best: making yummy, healthy food. For instance, AAamazing Salad makes and organizes a daily salad bar for one of Foodee’s corporate catering clients, while fulfilling individual lunch orders on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Because Foodee’s office clients often do weekly or monthly meal plans and order ahead of time, Eva can get organized with buying produce, staffing her kitchen, and meal planning ahead of time too.

“Thanks to Foodee, I believe we can handle any challenges that come our way. Foodee always lets us know what the customer needs and provides us with helpful suggestions to complete specific requirements. We know how to make healthy food and salads. So when we know what the customer needs, we know exactly what to do and how to get the orders together as they come in.”

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What Foodee does is more than a partner, but more like a friend and family to us. We grow together! My team and I love Foodee.
Eva Liu, AAamazing Salad

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