Beirut Street Food Eatery Zaatar W Zeit Spices Up Vancouver Offices

In 1999, Zaatar W Zeit started serving up Lebanese street food in the Sodeco neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon. Fast-forward to today and this Lebanese fast-casual restaurant has expanded to over 80 locations across the Middle East and North Africa. Zaatar W Zeit opened its first North American outpost in Vancouver, Canada—and joined Foodee to deliver meals directly to their main demographic, business folks working in local offices across the city.

Zaatar w Zeit, a commercial brand of the Lebanese company Breakfast & Co. S.A.L.
Vancouver, BC
An enclosed patio at the front of the Zaatar W Zeit restaurant with black tables and chairs and decorative plants.

10-13% Increase in revenue with Foodee

Target main demographic at their workplaces

Smooth and easy onboarding; great support with Foodee

A large portion of our dine-in customers are business people working in the downtown [Vancouver] core. We approached Foodee in order to grow this market directly through office delivery orders.

Zaatar W Zeit, Vancouver, Canada

Why Zaatar W Zeit Partnered With Foodee Office Catering

When Zaatar W Zeit in Vancouver discovered that the majority of its target audience was business people working downtown, they decided to remove the barrier of having to wait for customers to come to them. Instead, they partnered with Foodee office catering to bring the food directly to their eaters at their workplaces, any day of the work week.

A vibrant green bowl of salad.

Foodee works by delivering restaurant meals directly to offices for breakfast, lunch, snacks, happy hour, and dinner catering.

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Onboarding and Support With Foodee Office Catering

Zaatar W Zeit’s restaurant team found onboarding with Foodee “very smooth and easy.”

The Potato and Chicken and the Kafta in a Pan homemade skillets placed side by side on the table.

Foodee’s support is just perfect! They always answer our requests and concerns on time, and make things happen! [We like] having a direct line with an actual person (and not a department where each time a different person answers) who already knows the brand and its people.

Zaatar W Zeit’s Secret Ingredients to Office Catering Success

Since the iconic brand’s street food beginnings in Beirut, the urban eatery has focused on fast, casual, and accessible food made with care and attention to detail. For instance, their infamous wraps and flatbreads are handmade daily. They fuse traditional Lebanese dishes like marinated chicken tawouk with modern street food like shawarma or freekeh salad.

A table filled with assorted skillets and dips including: Halloumi Pan, Eggs Your Way, two Vegetable Plates, a Labneh Plate, and a Zaatar flatbread.

Their office catering secret ingredient to success?

They make food that caters to an array of dietary preferences. They have keto, vegan, and vegetarian options, as well as dairy-free, Halal, and gluten-free dishes—and label them clearly. Eaters can pick their spice and comfort levels with traditional Beirut dishes made accessible. Even if the eater has never tried Lebanese street food, Zaatar W Zeit has something for everyone with approachable ingredients and clear menu descriptions.

An individual holding a slide of the Zaatar flatbread, with a side plate of vegetables and a drink.

The inspiration behind the concept of Zaatar W Zeit was to create a trendy and cool space where people of all ages and backgrounds would gather around freshly made Lebanese street food to enjoy a healthy indulgence.

Zaatar W Zeit, Vancouver, Canada

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