RASA’s Pop-Up Restaurants: Where Food Culture Meets Company Culture

Rasa, a fast-casual, approachable, and tasty Indian restaurant.
Washington, DC
The entire RASA team standing in front of their restaurant.

RASA’s Pop-Up Dining Experiences at Corporate Events

Up to 350

Served guests at each pop-up event

New happy customers

Reached and impressed new customers

New Insight

Gathered insight from feedback and learned new best practices


Average revenue per event

Food is the gateway to culture. That’s what restaurant owners Rahul Vinod and Sahil Rahman of RASA in Washington, DC, believe. So does Foodee and our corporate clients. Food—or corporate catering, rather—is how companies nourish their employees, show their appreciation daily, and establish and reinforce workplace culture. Foodee helps make that happen by connecting like minded restaurant partners like RASA with companies that feed their talent corporate catering daily and at events.

Since partnering with Foodee mere months ago, RASA has successfully onboarded to take daily corporate catering delivery orders. They found the onboarding process simple and took our support team’s helpful best practices for corporate event catering to heart. It showed during the half dozen successful corporate catering events that RASA has already done with Foodee Served. RASA served their delicious meals to up to 350 people at each of these pop-up events with Foodee.

Three chef curated bowls on a table including Rasa's Tikka Chance on Me, Spicy Chilli Chicken, and Home Cooking bowls.
RASA's vibrant and bright restaurant interior with large open windows, swinging chairs, colourful chandeliers, and light wood tables with white chairs.

At RASA, we aim to inspire our communities to get in touch with their own cultural roots and make connections with others through sharing food… Partnering with Foodee is deeply aligned with RASA’s mission to make Indian food accessible to everyone. Through the pop-ups at office buildings close to our locations, Foodee gives RASA the chance to build relationships with potential new customers and inspire curiosity about Indian cuisine and culture.

RASA Restaurant Team, Washington DC

What is Foodee Served?

Foodee Served are pop-up events hosted by our corporate clients that want to bring in the best local restaurants to serve as event catering at their workplace or event space. Some are for holiday parties or company gatherings and all-hands meetings, while others are for external marketing and sales events, for example.

RASA's Alloo Need is Love bowl on a wooden table.

We met many enthusiastic guests at our pop-up events. The guests ran the gamut: People who were big fans of RASA and brought their colleagues along, to people who had heard of us but hadn’t tried our food, and people who had never heard of us. They all left surprised and delighted by their experience.

Partnering with the Best Local Restaurants for Corporate Catering

RASA is a fast-casual, approachable, and tasty Indian restaurant that’s mostly vegan, served as a bowl, and blends traditional cooking techniques with modern, healthy food. Washington City Paper named them the best fast casual restaurant in DC at the end of 2022 for good reason.

When we asked RASA’s team how their experience was providing food for hundreds of people at the corporate events with Foodee Served, they said: “In a word, it’s been fun!” Beyond being enjoyable, this new revenue stream for RASA earned them an average profit of over $2500 per event. They were so well-received that more corporate clients in Washington are sure to book their next pop-up event with them.

RASA Co-founders Rahul and Sahil posing in front of their restaurant front.

Our team has had a great time getting to know new customers and introducing them to our food and flavors. From an operational perspective, serving with Foodee has provided another avenue of feedback about our menu like what people are most interested in ordering and ideas for new menu items or offerings.

RASA Restaurant Team, Washington DC

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