Top 6 Must-Try Local Caribbean Restaurants in the Spirit of Caribana Festival 2021

This past long weekend would have been the Caribana festival in Toronto. Unfortunately, this is the second straight year the festival is canceled due to COVID-19.  For those who are not familiar, Caribana is North America’s largest cultural festival and brings an incredible energy to the city of Toronto. 

Top Local Restaurants in Toronto for Corporate Catering

Toronto's multiculturalism has shaped its diverse food scene and distinctive restaurant landscape. From Korean in Koreatown to Greek on the Danforth to Italian in Little Italy, the coexistence of cultures and creativity of cuisines are all experienced in one place.

Canada Day food ideas for the best office party yet

Sometimes the best parties are those that are planned in a last-minute rush or happen totally organically. Regardless of what kind of office celebration you’re hosting for Canada Day, we can help you in the patriotic food department.

Inside the Kitchen: Assembli

Assembli is full of options for those who are craving something healthy without totally surrendering the tasty side too. Pizza and salad are two universally loved meals, why not pair them together? That’s exactly what Assembli did, and customers have never looked back!

Inside the Kitchen: Greenhouse Juice Co.

With its cold-pressed, made in-house, 100% organic juices, Greenhouse Juice Co. has elevated the juicery business to an entirely different level. The Greenhouse success story can be explained by a number of factors: savvy business owners, an admirable company mission, and of course, juices that taste as good as they make you feel.

Inside The Kitchen: The Dirty Bird

After spending time growing their crowds, The Dirty Bird opened in 2015 to start serving Canadian fried chicken, and nothing’s been the same since. Ushered to creation by the chef duo Brian Butler and Adrian Forte, the chicken and waffles now spend its time satisfying anyone craving the traditional Southern dish.