Inside the Kitchen: Greenhouse Juice Co.

With its cold-pressed, made in-house, 100% organic juices, Greenhouse Juice Co. has elevated the juicery business to an entirely different level. The Greenhouse success story can be explained by a number of factors: savvy business owners, an admirable company mission, and of course, juices that taste as good as they make you feel.

The Restaurant

Greenhouse was the brainchild of a few friends who all grew up in the same Toronto neighborhood. After spending some time apart in different cities across North America, the friends were surprised to learn that their much-loved hometown was without a juice shop. Their experiences abroad taught them about the many benefits of following a plant-based lifestyle, and they were ready to test their knowledge in the Toronto market. Although it was unknown to them at the time of opening, Toronto’s population was juice-hungry. The grand opening on January 8, 2014 was so successful that the store ran out of juice within a few hours. People continued lining up until sundown, and haven’t stopped since (even in the severe Toronto winters).

Since then, Greenhouse has opened 15 other locations across the Greater Toronto Area, but their flagship store perhaps encompasses the Greenhouse feeling the best. This quaint, peaked-roof bungalow, filled from floor to ceiling with an assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit, is always hustling and bustling with satisfied customers. Today, they also offers doorstep delivery service, greatly expanding its reach and access across the city.

To ensure the highest degree of quality (and best taste), Greenhouse makes its juices in small batches, using hydraulic pressure to extract juice from the ingredients, while also minimizing heat and oxygen. Ingredients are GMO-free and sourced from local farms during growing season. Greenhouse also prioritizes using the less physically appealing vegetables, and then sends the fiber back to the farms to be used as compost. As if these environmentally friendly and sustainable practices weren’t enough, Greenhouse also bottles its juices in reusable glass in an effort to be a zero packaging waste company.

The Juice

The owners of Greenhouse know that their customers lead busy lives. Not everyone has the time to satisfy their daily nutritional targets, which is why freshly pressed, organic juices are so vital. They help ensure that busy, on-the-go types have the opportunity to stay healthy and live a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, Greenhouse offers a number of cleanse options for customers with varying levels of experience. Whether you want to replenish your body with nutrients, or just practice discipline by following a strict regimen, they’ve got you covered. And their menu doesn’t stop there. They offer an assortment of shakes, hydrators, boosters, nutmilks, and probiotic tonics, just in case the usual (but dependable) cold-pressed juice isn’t what you’re feeling.

Greenhouse truly did mark the beginning of juicing in the Greater Toronto Area. Their commitment to producing wholly organic, plant-based, sustainable juices, along with their attitude towards healthy living has helped them transform from a juice store, into a mini juicing empire with no signs of slowing down.

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