Canada Day Food Ideas for the Best Office Party Yet


Canada Day Food Ideas for the Best Office Party Yet

By Foodee
June 28, 2018

Sometimes the best parties are those that are planned in a last-minute rush or happen totally organically. Regardless of what kind of office celebration you’re hosting this Canada Day, we can help you in the patriotic food department.

This post is a collection of the most classic, stereotypically Canadian food ideas that are perfect for any kind of party. So whether you’re looking for salty snacks, the full meal deal, or sweet, sweet desserts, here’s a list of party-favor ideas and some Vancouver-based Foodee restaurants that can help. Sounds good, eh?

Maple doughnuts (AKA northern donuts)

Okay, so doughnuts actually started as an American thing in WWI (check out our blog post on it), but they’re delicious and at some point became beloved Canadian too. Plus, anything with maple syrup on it is instantly perfect for any Canada Day party. Check out Cartems’ smoked maple walnut doughnuts if you’re ordering in for your team.

Canada Day


If you work for the kind of office that serves up alcohol at a party, then beer is the ultimate Canadian favourite. “It’s the beer out here,” quotes Canadian Kokanee ads from coast to coast (of course the brand is referring to their beer specifically). Try 33 Acres Brewing Co. This Vancouver special serves up six packs of delish artisanal beer, including the west coast classic, 33 Acres of Ocean.

Red and white dishes

Watermelon salad with feta cheese is almost red and white, plus it’s the perfect dish for summertime. Try Romer’s watermelon salad with feta cheese, watercress and basil. If you can pretend the fresh greens aren’t there, and the pink watermelon is a slightly darker shade of ripe, this is the perfect Canadiana dish.

Chachi’s red and white (and delicious) Caprese salad with white bocconcini cheese, red cherry tomatoes and basil for a very patriotic colour array. Also, they have a mouth-watering BLT with avocado aioli that shouldn’t be overlooked this holiday.

Fresh Canadian dishes, but mostly poutine

Vancouver’s Dunn’s Famous doesn’t get more Canadian. This whole menu is full of perfect full-meal deal ideas for your Canada Day party. For example, try their Le Canadien beef burger with grilled smoked meat cheese curds and BBQ gravy. Or go for the French Canadian poutine bar to share with your whole team (or not). They also have Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and red velvet cake (ie. red and white).

On the topic of French Canadian foods, definitely check out Montreal-style bagels from Rosemary Rocksalt for any breakfast, brunch, lunch, breakfast for dinner or fun snack ideas. Go wild and get the smoked salmon cream cheese for a west coast themed party.

Canada Day


Nuts are the perfect party favour, especially when they’re covered in Canadian maple or Canadian bacon. Try The Nut Merchant’s Canadian maple almonds, candied pecans, or maple sriracha pecans. Or check out West Coast Gourmet Snacks’ crazy array of flavoured popcorn, nuts and snack mixes. Their Canada’s Pride popcorn has pure Canadian maple syrup and real bacon in a caramel corn. Just try it, even if you aren’t throwing a party.

Apple pie and butter tarts

Nothing says Canadiana like a good old-fashioned apple pie. The Pie Hole has just that with tart Granny Smith apples and sweet and crunchy Gala apples (and a dash of cinnamon). Plus, they have Bailey’s pecan butter tarts which are oddly a Canadian dessert staple. And these aren’t just any butter tart, they’re award-winning with a flaky crust, crunchy pecans and an Irish Cream center.

Canada Day

Smoked bacon, or any smoked or BBQ meats, for that matter

Smoked bacon, maple bacon, peameal bacon, Canadian-style back bacon… you name it. Bacon and barbeque are where Canada and America come together under one food culture. Try BierCraft’s applewood smoked bacon in a classically Canadian BLT. Also, Vancouver’s beloved Dixie has a delicious BBQ Jack Daniel’s smoked pecan pie topped with bourbon maple whipped cream and many BBQ platters to go with it. Think fried buttermilk chicken, smoked brisket beans, cornbread or meat chili. This is where southern and northern food lines blur, but anything smokey or barbequed seems Canadian enough to me.

Pacific smoked salmon and lobster sammies

Where Pacific smoked salmon, and crab, oysters and mussels for that matter, are west coast favourites, lobster sandwiches and creamy or tomato-based seafood chowders are staples out east. Try Vancouver’s Crab Park Chowdery’s daily chowder or lobster salad sandwich to get a taste of both coasts and cultures.

Happy Canada Day from the team here at Foodee!


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