Inside The Kitchen: The Dirty Bird

After spending time growing their crowds, The Dirty Bird opened in 2015 to start serving Canadian fried chicken, and nothing’s been the same since. Ushered to creation by the chef duo Brian Butler and Adrian Forte, the chicken and waffles now spend its time satisfying anyone craving the traditional Southern dish.

The Restaurant

In a modern day renaissance movement, the chefs and their team view their work with The Dirty Bird as one of their many artistic endeavors, a shot they’re taking at reshaping classic Southern fried dishes with Canadian flavours. The restaurant itself is a clean cafeteria-style space that has evolved from pop-up shop to food truck, to full fledged restaurant intended a social space for fun and worship of the chicken. Part of a real passion project for its founders, The Dirty Bird is about thinking of the North when craving traditional deep fried fowl.


The Food

Spending all their time focused on chicken, the menu comes by way of combos and signature dishes. The pride and joy of The Dirty Bird is their particular approach toward frying southern comfort with local ingredients and Canadian flavours. In their own terms, their #NorthernFried takes legs and thighs, drenches them in a gluten-free flour with plenty of homegrown maple seasoning before frying them to crispy perfection. If chicken and waffles are your life’s work, select your favorite chicken piece like white meat tenders or the big meaty wings in The Clucker, served with salads like macaroni, slaw, or tato. Their iconic meal hits its stride with signature plates like the ODB, drenching a boneless quarter leg with buttered maple syrup, their signature house-made dirty sauce, and getting served up with your favourite side. Order from The Dirty Bird today!




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