Why Company Culture is More Than a “Thing”

Picture yourself sitting in a plastic lecture hall chair, listening to a presentation on company culture. In addition to an impending need for a chiropractor, you'll probably be presented with standard definitions like: “Company culture is a blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all companies develop over time.”

People Not Ping Pong: The Art of Culture

The wagons had me transfixed. They aren't material, I thought. Their colours; vibrant, and bursting off the canvas. The brushstrokes, bristling with life. Van Gogh's original Wagons, on the wall staring back at me at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Entrepreneurs Have a Vital Role in Food Security

Foodee CEO Ryan Spong weighs in on food security sharing his own story about this major issue and letting the rest of us know how businesses owners can help. He also brings to the spotlight some very important people from Kiwassa Neighbourhood House who are "recovering" food to help feed hungry school children and seniors with grocery stores' less aesthetic castoffs.

Fast Slow-Food: How Technology is Fuelling the Slow Food Movement

I’m not an expert in food systems. I put myself through school, like many people, waitering and catering. About five years ago, we started Tacofino, our taco truck. And last year I helped re-launch Foodee, a corporate food concierge based on my experience as an overworked, pizza-fueled and very unhealthy investment banker in New York City.