Make Office Catering Safe in the Age of COVID-19

As companies design their return to office plan for a social distancing environment, extra consideration is needed for office catering. To strengthen food hygiene and safety protocols,  return to office committees are asking:

  • Can we provide a safe office meal program? 
  • Do we close off the shared common areas for eating? 
  • How do we reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission as employees enter and exit the office during the lunch hour?

We are here to help you navigate through these challenges of organizing your office lunches. Across North America, we are seeing that companies are choosing individually packaged meals as their return to work solution.

Here are the top reasons why an office meal program is the safest option for your team during COVID-19 –

1. Individually Packaged Meals: Eliminate long queues of hungry employees and the need to set 6 feet distancing markers for line-ups. Individual meals allow your team to grab & go for a socially distanced lunch hour.

2. Minimize employee traffic in and out of the office: Keep employees in the office and out of crowded spaces, like elevators. 

3. Reduce delivery personnel in your office: Manage the number of delivery personnel entering and exiting your building by streamlining all office lunches with one provider.

4. Avoid busy food courts: Reduce team exposure to highly congested areas where physical distancing may be challenging. 

5. Help eliminate food waste: Order only for those in the office and reduce your environmental footprint, as food supply chains are under enormous pressure during COVID-19. 

6. Contact-less payment: Minimize in-person touch-points between employees and outsiders. Provide your team with the option to pay in advance and online.

How Foodee Can Help

At Foodee, we know that the health and safety of your employees is of highest priority. As leaders in office catering for individually packaged meals, these are a few reasons why our clients are choosing us as they pivot the future of their meal program –

Manage Fluctuating Headcounts

Conserve up to 30% of your lunch budget with our team ordering feature – only pay for what is ordered by your team, and easily manage rotating or hybrid teams.

Personalized Lunch Experience

Invite employees to choose their own lunch and customize based on their preferences. Meals arrive individually packaged, custom-labelled and safely sealed.

Co-Payment Options

Offer fully covered or subsidized meal options. Flexibly choose how much the company or team pays.

Support Local Restaurants

Foodee only partners with top local, owner-operated restaurants. As the restaurant community has been significantly impacted by COVID-19, look for ways to support these restaurants through your office meals.

As you consider the right meal program for your office, use the checklist below to ensure you’re evaluating the top criteria for your team’s health and safety. Click here to download and share this with your health and safety committee.

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