Top Catering Ideas for your Office Meals


Top Catering Ideas for your Office Meals

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
February 28, 2020

As an office manager, your task list is never-ending and ever-expanding. You don’t have time for frivolous reading or perusing for inspiration. But, you still have to order corporate catering to your office—and your bosses and colleagues expect it to be varied, fresh, delicious, new, inspired, easy-to-eat and on time. 

Bookmark this post and refer to it whenever you have to order office catering. 

We’ve collected and summarized our best and most informative blog posts on breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas, as well as tips on ordering office catering and event planning. 

8 Office Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack Ideas

  1. Top 9 healthy breakfast catering ideas

This post shows how easy it is to order breakfast catering with Foodee and offers ordering inspiration. From DIY granola, fresh fruit and yogurt bar to heart-friendly breakfast sandwiches and fresh-pressed juices, this post will turn everyone in your office into a morning person. 

Foodee office catering ideas

  1. Delicious, healthy corporate catering lunch ideas

Here’s a list of healthy, delicious, easy-to-order corporate lunch catering ideas—and where to order them for your office. An example great idea is boxed lunches, which are often hearty sandwiches, chips, cookies and fruit all in a compostable box. 

  1. 7 healthy office snack delivery ideas

Ditch the office vending machines full of chips and sodas. Here are seven healthy office snack delivery ideas, including fresh fruit and vegetable platters with homemade dips, smoothies, popcorn and nuts (and tips on where to order from).   

Foodee office catering ideas

  1. Top box lunch ideas

Box lunches are the perfect lunchtime meal delivered directly from hip local restaurants in sustainable packaging. They span from vegetarian sandwiches with a cookie or chips to hearty protein-rich salads, or classic meat sandwiches with soup, for example. Let your colleagues choose and order from a world of combinations. 

  1. 7-day overtime meal plan for your office’s busy season

Foodee can support your office throughout the entire busy season—whenever that takes place. This post suggests a seven-day meal plan for overtime dinners (and trust us, they’re good). Think Monday sushi night, Tuesday healthy grain bowls with protein, Wednesday Italian pasta and salad bar… you get the idea. We’re here to help.

  1. 35 happy hour food ideas for your office

Happy hour can do wonders for building company culture and boosting team camaraderie. Here are some of our top ideas of what to order your office for happy hour. We’ve broken it up into sweet treats, munchie snacks, bar food classics, early dinner ideas, mini-meal platters and drink ideas. Four o’clock can’t come soon enough in your office. 

Foodee office catering ideas

  1. Delicious 9 to 5 office food delivery ideas

This post maps out the perfect meal plan for the entire week from 9 to 5 for corporate catering that everyone will love. For example, start Monday morning off with a yogurt, fruit and grain bowl and let us set up a festive DIY taco bar with all the fixings for lunch. They’re easy to eat, easy to love and easy on your workload. 

  1. Dinner catering ideas for your workplace

Rather than encouraging employees to break their workflow and grab unhealthy takeout, why not order dinner delivered? They’re putting in the time and effort to work late, now your company can reward them for it—family style. In this post, we share dinner catering ideas for fresh and healthy dinners, warm and hearty meals, and fun and easy ones. You pick, we deliver.   

3 Guides on Organizing Office Meals

Foodee office catering ideas

  1. Meal planning tips for ordering office lunch

We know how thankless and stressful your job of meal planning can be. You have to order the perfect lunch for your bosses or for dozens of hungry (and sometimes picky) colleagues—on top of everything else. If you follow these four super simple office meal planning tips, you can feed employees what they want and have more time in your busy day. We even give a sample office meal plan for two weeks that you can (and should) follow.  

  1. How to organize office lunch catering

Once you’ve read the four simple tips in the blog post above, this next post will help you go the extra distance, ordering office lunch catering for 10 to over 500 employees every single day. These eleven tips include things like deciding how much or little control you want over ordering daily meals and considering the occasion, budget, style, diet and season of your lunch catering. 

  1. 6 Steps for organizing the perfect work event

There are two new emails in your inbox: one celebrating a big company win and another asking you to organize the upcoming office celebration. Don’t worry. After you’ve read this post, you can get excited about the party just like everyone else. Tips include establishing a budget (and sticking to it), understanding who’s eating and what kind of food the occasion calls for, and knowing when to bring in hired help.  

Beyond these top catering ideas for your office meals, our experts know the best local restaurants in your city and want to help. 

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