6 Ideas for a COVID-Safe Office Holiday Party

2020 has been a year of ups and downs, but the holiday season never fails to lift our mood. While celebrations are going to look different this time around, it’s the joy of connecting with our communities that defines this time of year.

For offices, it’s especially important to celebrate all the hard work and collaboration it took to navigate the surprises of the past 12 months. Here are some holiday office party ideas, both in-person and virtual, to get your wheels turning.

Please consider these suggestions within the context of your regional restrictions, and modify accordingly!



1. Staggered Celebrations

For many of our clients, rotating the teams that come into the office has been the norm for several months. Whether at random, or by project team, or by organizational function, it’s likely you’ve seen some faces much more than others. While getting everybody together would be ideal, hosting office parties in this staggered manner is a great option.

How to be COVID-safe: Follow office capacity numbers. If your safe capacity is 10 and your marketing and sales teams have 5 people each, bring them together! Make sure to order individual meals and treats, and organize distanced activities such as trivia.


2. Renting an Event Space

If you’re keen on having more of the team together at once but can’t do so safely at your office space, consider renting a larger event space with sufficient capacity. If the weather is warm enough where you are, an outdoor venue is even safer! How to be COVID-safe: Discuss all safety protocols with the event space organizer beforehand, and send an email to your team beforehand detailing how the night will go. Order individual meals and treats, and consider offering rideshare/taxi credits if you want to limit public transit exposure.


3. Drive-Thru Party

Drive-in movies and drive thru lights displays are all the rage this year! Why not join in –   whether at the office parking lot, a spot just outside the city or even renting a drive-in. You can set up some festive decorations, play holiday music on a sound system and have a station for people to roll up, and grab their individual meals and treats.  How to be COVID-safe: Have each car roll up to a sanitization station as their first stop! Ensure everyone stays in their cars to pick up their meals and treats, and designate parking spots ahead of time.



4. DIY Treats

Holidays and dessert always go hand-in-hand, so why not make it a team bonding activity! Send the team a gingerbread house-making or cookie decorating kit, or a list of ingredients for each person to pick up if that’s not an option. Assemble it all together over video and have the team vote on best decorated.


5. Holiday Cooking

Supporting local restaurants is more important than ever, and many of them have given us a great new way to do so. Find a team favourite restaurant selling their own make-at-home kits, or use a meal kit delivery service. Have the team unbox their kits together over video, and then have your designated chef extraordinaire guide everybody else through the process.


6. Open Mic

Every team has the lead caroller, the stand up comedian and the dancer. Have everybody show off their hobbies and talents over video, and perhaps bring in a guest performer for the whole team to enjoy as the finale. Popcorn is a must!

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