Healthy Plant-Based Meals And Ideas Your Office Will Love

You’ve been tasked with ordering office catering. They want delicious but healthy. So here you are researching yummy, yet healthy plant-based office catering options—and yes, they do exist. Think falafel wrap with all the fixings or a protein-rich salad and side soup. We’ve even compiled a list below of our top restaurant partners that offer plant-based dishes on their office catering menus in cities we deliver in across North America. 

Yes, Sustainable Office Catering Exists: How Foodee Does It 

Traditionally, corporate catering was like an all-you-can-eat buffet of anything and everything breakfast or lunch-related. In 2011, amidst a world of extremely wasteful, tasteless trays of corporate catering, Foodee was born a rebel. We now specialize in environmentally friendly and sustainable catering across North America—here’s how we do it.

Piece of Cake: How to Become a Foodee Restaurant Partner

Welcome! We’re thrilled that you’re interested in becoming a Foodee restaurant partner! Foodee only partners with the best local and owner-operated restaurants and caterers in your city, so it’s our pleasure to have you here.

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