Canada Day food ideas for the best office party yet

Sometimes the best parties are those that are planned in a last-minute rush or happen totally organically. Regardless of what kind of office celebration you’re hosting this Canada Day, we can help you in the patriotic food department.

Best sandwiches for lunch catering—and where to get them

Today, we’re covering America’s most popular, convenient and easy lunch catering menu item: the sandwich. The mastery and genius behind the sandwich are simple: two slices of bread easily contain all of the sauces, vegetables, meats and dairy products necessary for a well-balanced meal.

11 best salads for lunch delivery in Vancouver

Looking for lunch delivery in Vancouver that’s healthy, fresh, filling and local? You’ve come to the right place. Vancouver’s local food scene is taking salads to the next level. They’re beautiful, fresh, fun, sustainable, filling and full of hearty protein, essential fats, vitamins, minerals, cool ingredients and wildly delicious dressings.

Inside the Kitchen: Blended for You

Blended For You smoothies are the perfect treat for the health and wellness obsessed. These customizable frozen blends make you feel healthy, happy, and wanting more!

Inside the Kitchen: Assembli

Assembli is full of options for those who are craving something healthy without totally surrendering the tasty side too. Pizza and salad are two universally loved meals, why not pair them together? That’s exactly what Assembli did, and customers have never looked back!

Inside the Kitchen: Tubify

There’s nothing quite like an ice-cold freezie on a blaringly hot summer's day. With Tubify, now you can enjoy the delicious refreshing dessert and the satisfaction of knowing your icy treat is ripe with nutrients and health benefits.