Inside the Kitchen: Blended for You

By Foodee
November 7, 2018

Blended For You smoothies are the perfect treat for the health and wellness obsessed. These customizable frozen blends make you feel healthy, happy, and wanting more!

The Concept

CEO Deanna Embury was inspired by a desire to help people live healthier and more energetic lives. In today’s age, when people are constantly on the go, it’s difficult to get the proper nutrients necessary to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Thus, convenience was a huge factor for Embury; who has the time to jump from supermarket to supermarket in an attempt to find the ingredients for that perfect smoothie? Delivered to your office, Blended For You smoothies are the perfect solution for those who are constantly buzzing around. Embury was motivated by another factor, which was to provide smoothies that are actively good for you. It’s not enough for a smoothie to include a few vegetables and fruits—Blended is nutritionally balanced, high-quality, and rich with nutrients. Depending on the season, 65-85% of the food used is organic.

Blended for You

The Product

The Blended smoothie menu was created with three key non-negotiables principles: a commitment to healthy, complete nutrition by balancing carbs, proteins, fats, and fiber, a delicious and expansive flavor profile, and lastly, the use of all natural, high-quality ingredients and health boosters. Customers can choose from smoothies that have different health focuses, such as boosting immunity, increasing energy, inner and outer health. What about beauty and anti-aging? There’s a smoothie for that too. Blended even has child-approved blends, so that the whole family can get aboard the smoothie train! The 20+ blends ensure that there is something for everybody.

How does it work? First you build your smoothie packs (8 plus) that fit your needs. Customers love the Greens Daily Dose, which includes unique ingredients such as Hawaiian spirulina and turmeric, and is packed with vital nutrients such as Iron, Vitamins A,C,K, and B12. Another favorite is the Acai Radiance, which is designed to help you look and feel better due to its antioxidant-rich Acai berries, biotin, and Bamboo Silicia. After settling on your choices, just place your order and wait for your smoothies to be delivered in custom packaging that keeps things frozen for 8 hours (so you don’t have to worry about them melting on their journey to your freezer). These deliciously healthy smoothies can be enjoyed by blending them up with your preferred liquid, shaking them in a shaker cup, or simply taking a spoon to the package. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy your smoothie, you will not be disappointed! Order from Blended For You today!

Blended for You


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