What to order from the best sushi restaurants near your office


What to order from the best sushi restaurants near your office

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
October 9, 2019

Dreaming of sushi restaurants near your office? You’re not alone. Sushi is a practically fool-proof office catering idea that everyone will love. 

Pescatarian and meat-eating employees can literally go wild with every classic and signature roll, sushi burrito, bowl and bento box under the sun. Your vegetarian colleagues can sink their teeth into delicious yam tempura and avocado rolls, miso soup, edamame, and seaweed salad—or order their own vegetarian sushi bowl. Plus, many sushi restaurants have easy substitutions for gluten-free and vegan colleagues in your office. 

Depending on what you’re looking for in a sushi restaurant near you, we’ve categorized what we’re craving into:

  1. All you can eat sushi platters for team sharing
  2. Classic and signature rolls, starters and sashimi for individual eaters
  3. Sushi burritos for something fun, different and easy-to-eat
  4. Bento box lunches and traditional Japanese meal sets for those who want it all
  5. Sushi rice bowls for a healthy and well-rounded office lunch

What to order from the best sushi restaurants near you

All you can eat sushi platters

Looking for all you can eat sashimi, maki rolls, nigiri, gyoza and tataki? These sushi restaurants specialize in handmaking a variety of appetizers, salads, sushi rolls, rice bowls, bento boxes and platters for large office catering. So go ahead and order the works for you and your whole team. 

While many of the sushi restaurants listed in this blog post offer something for everyone, here are a few restaurants that specialize in sharing-style sushi:

best sushi restaurants near your office
(Source: Instagram @minamiyaletown)

Classic and signature sushi rolls and sashimi

Sometimes your team knows exactly what kind of sushi roll and appetizer they want to eat—and they don’t want to share. We get it. Why not choose the restaurant and let them order their individual meal, California roll and all? 

Best sushi restaurants near your office
(Source: Instagram @nikomesushi)

Sushi burritos for hungry sushi lovers

Let’s say that it’s Friday in the office and you’re all craving sushi, but with a twist. Sushi burritos may be just what they’re looking for. It’s genius, really, because it’s essentially just a long roll of sushi before it’s cut into slices. It’s easy-to-eat and something fresh to bite into.  

Best sushi restaurants near your office
(Source: Instagram @pokeburri)

Bento lunch boxes and traditional meal sets

Eat in true Japanese lunch fashion at your office with bento lunch boxes that have a side of rice, tempura vegetables, a sushi roll or sashimi, miso soup and a vegetable like edamame or gomae salad. All good things come in little boxes (or meal sets), especially from these sushi restaurants.

Best sushi restaurants near your office
(Source: Instagram @komesushi)

Sushi rice bowls

We recently wrote a blog post on healthy bowls to order for office catering, where we talk about Hawaiian poke bowls, which bare some similarity to sushi bowls. For the sake of today’s post, however, we’re drooling over warm teriyaki rice bowls or saucy tempura and vegetables in a deconstructed sushi bowl. Yum. Check out some of our favorite sushi restaurants for rice bowls. 

Best restaurant near your office
(Source: Instagram @hapasushi)

Find Foodee’s best sushi restaurants near your office today and have it delivered tomorrow. 

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