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Taste cuisines of the world from San Francisco’s best local restaurants, corporate catered

The options are deliciously endless. San Francisco is infamous as one of America's most culturally diverse food cities.

4 Veggie Options Available for Office Delivery from Foodee

It doesn't take long to learn that there's good food and there's great food. Good food is oftentimes tasty, nutritious and timely. Great food is all of the above, but you don’t need to move to go get it.

7 Simple Ways to Go Green in the Office

Foodee provides sustainable packaging (either compostable or recyclable) for every restaurant you order from. We also work with green delivery partners (who deliver by trike or bicycle) to reduce emissions from getting your lunch catering to your office.

Healthy Plant-Based Meals And Ideas Your Office Will Love

You’ve been tasked with ordering office catering. They want delicious but healthy. So here you are researching yummy, yet healthy plant-based office catering options—and yes, they do exist. Think falafel wrap with all the fixings or a protein-rich salad and side soup. We’ve even compiled a list below of our top restaurant partners that offer plant-based dishes on their office catering menus in cities we deliver in across North America. 

Yes, Sustainable Office Catering Exists: How Foodee Does It 

Traditionally, corporate catering was like an all-you-can-eat buffet of anything and everything breakfast or lunch-related. In 2011, amidst a world of extremely wasteful, tasteless trays of corporate catering, Foodee was born a rebel. We now specialize in environmentally friendly and sustainable catering across North America—here’s how we do it.

Employee Engagement in 2023: Health & Wellness Programs, Meet Corporate Catering

Office catering goes so much deeper than just offering free food at work. Foodee offers easy and affordable office catering to organizations looking to attract and retain top talent across North America.