Inside the Kitchen: Shamane’s Bake Shoppe

Shamane’s Bake Shoppe, located in Boulder, Colorado, is a one-stop establishment that pleases all your food cravings. Whether you’re looking to indulge in something savory, or perhaps satisfy that sweet tooth, Shamane’s variety of baked goods and comfort food never ceases to amaze.

Inside the Kitchen: Next Door Eatery

Since 2011 Next Door Eatery has been the go-to place where friends, family, and co-workers can meet for a quick meal centered around fresh ingredients and good conversation.

Inside the Kitchen: Flower Pepper

After immigrating to the US from China, luckily for us, the already established restaurateur Jeff Gao brought his skill and passion with him. Establishing Flower Pepper in 2015, this family affair has been serving up the flavours of Shandong Province.

Inside the Kitchen: Roxie’s Tacos

Roxie’s Tacos is the newest gem fit for the unique landscape of Boulder’s food scene. The inventive couple Fletcher Starkey and Roshani Patel opened up in January 2017, serving the lucky people of beautiful Boulder Mexican food with deep inspiration from India.

Inside The Kitchen: Organic Sandwich Company

For the past two years, the Organic Sandwich Company has been taking what most know about the fast food experience and putting it into the world of local and sustainable farm foods. Quick, organic, healthy lunches served on a moment's notice has become the rule to live by for founder Marcy Miller.

Inside The Kitchen: Woodgrain Bagels

Still fresh to the Boulder scene, Woodgrain Bagels is stirring up a following for the boiled bread and a variety of other artisanal treats. Owner David Bowen has been working since April to celebrate the bagel in a social space that remembers the family dinner table and from scratch recipes fondly.