Inside the Kitchen: Flower Pepper

After immigrating to the US from China, luckily for us, the already established restaurateur Jeff Gao brought his skill and passion with him. Establishing Flower Pepper in 2015, this family affair has been serving up the flavours of Shandong Province.

The Restaurant

When Jeff Gao started out in the restaurant industry, he was already a massive food fan. Knowing exactly what he wanted, liked, and loved out of a meal, he knew the way into any customer’s heart was their stomach. Good old fashion simple recipes that tasted like home and filled a stomach were always the reason for Flower Pepper. Even adopting neighbouring countries and their cuisines Jeff keeps authenticity top of mind, along with cost and convenience. A hearty appetite of his own, anything tasty that’s been encountered across travels worldwide or just in Colorado has made its way to the menu, making sure that sharing good food drives everything behind Flower Pepper.
Jeff decided to extend his passion to other States and had been looking for the right individual to inherit the restaurant. Nancy Wang, an old-fashioned Peking woman, took over in 2016 and kept the food the same as Jeff. Nancy established and further developed a more authentic Peking style, which has been well accepted by local Chinese food lovers.

The Food

With a rich reflection of Asian cuisine, the slow simmering dishes highlight the best of Chinese home cooking. A commitment to creating good food at Flower Pepper starts with fresh wheat noodles or their sweet potato glass noodles. Noodles are prepared with fragrant broths or savory sauces to maximize the potential every noodle has for flavor. The Chicken Sesame Noodles use wheat noodles as a bed for shredded chicken, carrots, edamame, and Nappa cabbage, and a roasted sesame paste. When you’re craving a warm-your-bones soup, house broths and stocks are filled with vegetables, and are even served spicy and generous helpings of meat and vegetables like baby bok choy. If spicy is less your jam, then hop on board the Wonton Duck Soup with handmade wontons swimming in a rich duck bone broth.

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