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Who Orders

Your team

Best For

Ordering daily for 20+ people

Confirmation Time

Up to 2 hrs in advance

Our Enterprise plan provides companies with a complete ordering solution. Easily manage food for large groups from your custom employee portal and allow your employees to select their own meal from a variety of restaurant options.

Same Day Confirmation

Team Portal

Make ordering easy for everyone with a customized portal where your team can view all their options for the week in one place. Let each team member choose their own meals and make changes.

Same Day Confirmation

Team Ordering

Let each team member order their own meals to a shared cart owned by you.

Same Day Confirmation

Same Day Confirmation

With our Enterprise plan you can have your team place orders up to two hours before the delivery time.

Same Day Confirmation

Budget and Waste Management

Our Enterprise plan let’s you order only as much as you need. You can confirm your headcount daily to reduce costs and do away with extra food waste.

Same Day Confirmation

Consolidated Billing

Consolidated billing means only one monthly invoice for all your orders. Easily manage budgets and eliminate the complicated payment process.

Same Day Confirmation

Bowtie Service

Setup and service can be tough without an extra pair of hands to assist you. With our Enterprise plan, you can add an onsite server, a cleanup crew, and more!

Let Your Team Pick

Our Enterprise plan is ready to make catering management easy for you. Take the work out of ordering and give your team the power to choose meals they will enjoy.

  • Employees order from a branded team portal
  • Easily check their orders and make changes
  • View options for the week in their dashboard
  • You control the budget per person
  • We handle same-day delivery

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