How PagerDuty Fuels Atlanta’s Hybrid Office Culture With Foodee

Foodee’s meal planning technology enables PagerDuty to save time and keep employees safe.

PagerDuty, an American cloud computing company.
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Foodee has been delighted to serve PagerDuty since 2015. Prior to servicing PagerDuty’s Atlanta office, we also had the pleasure of organizing meals for the Toronto and Vancouver offices.

About PagerDuty

PagerDuty is a publicly traded American cloud computing company that specializes in speedy issue resolutions for SaaS companies. It’s also been named among the best places to work and top employers. With headquarters in San Francisco and offices around the world, including inside of many employee’s homes since the working-from-home phenomenon, PagerDuty’s company culture isn’t bound to one location. The culture focuses on employee well-being and inclusion, giving equal opportunity to all, regardless of where they work.

Upholding PagerDuty’s company values has long since included feeding its employees. In fact, Foodee corporate catering has had the pleasure of organizing and delivering office meals to its Toronto and Vancouver offices. PagerDuty’s Atlanta office, however, had been relying on a different office catering vendor that provided daily family style meals—until the pandemic hit.

Kelli Wallace, who’s in charge of Workplace Experience at PagerDuty, saw yet another opportunity in Foodee. This is the story of how Kelli has helped maintain company culture by providing delicious food in offices across North America, with the daily flexibility and health protocols that hybrid offices required, without any added burden on herself or admin staff.

The challenge: Feeding employees in changing workplaces

The pandemic may have changed the way that offices run on a daily basis, but it didn’t remove the need for employee connection, culture, well-being, and good food. How do office managers and admin staff navigate changes and keep talent safe and well-fed without burning out themselves?

“We were using a different vendor who provided our office with family style meals daily, but then due to the pandemic, we could no longer order family style meals to the office,” Kelli explains of the Atlanta office.

Hybrid office models, where employees have a daily choice whether to work remotely from home or come into the office, is the new norm. Likewise, new health and safety protocols are in place, especially around office catering. This requires a huge level of daily flexibility and safety that may seem impossible to manage at scale (without the right tools).

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The solution: Why PagerDuty chose Foodee

Foodee’s meal planning technology puts the power in the employee’s hands. They are, after all, the ones eating. For the eaters, it’s as simple as choosing from a list of rotating local restaurants and ordering their own meal for office delivery. If they decide to work in the office on Monday and Wednesday, they order what they want ahead of time, add their dietary needs, and enjoy a individually packaged and labeled meal just for them.

On the administrative side, Kelli says that “Foodee’s meal planning technology makes my life easier by selecting [local restaurant] options for the week on my behalf. I can make any needed adjustments and this feature allows me to make quick decisions so our employees can make their [meal] selections and get to eating!” She can make adjustments such as meal budgets, delivery times, and restaurant choices as needed.

“Our team really appreciates Foodee’s love for local restaurants,” she says. “We want to support local businesses who have amazing food and Foodee gives us that opportunity. The website is easy to use and gives our employees the ability to choose their specific lunches.”

A Foodee delivery driver wearing a hospital mask while packaging multiple food containers in their delivery travel bag.
Two professionals selecting their individual pre-packaged Foodee meal from a shelf.

PagerDuty on Foodee’s office catering

Everyone loves good food at work. “One of the best meals was from Gu’s Dumplings,” she shares of one of Atlanta’s top local restaurants. “The food is incredible and that day I had multiple people comment on how much they loved lunch. It’s a staple in our [rotating] weekly menu now.” They also love El Ponce Mexican food and Bezoria’s falafels. Beyond feeding PagerDuty’s awesome employees with great local restaurant meals, Kelli needs easy-to-use tools and excellent customer support that’s delivered as fast as the hot meals are. “I have been incredibly impressed with Foodee’s customer service,” she says. “From our Customer Success Manager, Ava, to support via chat, I have always walked away impressed. The team is consistently helpful, kind, and they go the extra mile to make sure our team is taken care of.”

Kelli Wallace

Workplace Experience Coordinator at PagerDuty
A headshot of Kelli Wallace, a Workplace Experience Coordinator at PagerDuty.

Kelli Wallace

Workplace Experience Coordinator at PagerDuty

I give Foodee 100 stars out of 10 in their care for customers!

Kelli Wallace, Workplace Experience, PagerDuty

The results: Delicious local meals with a side of easy-to-use office catering tools

“Foodee coordinates lunches so I don’t have to,” Kelli concludes. “I can use the time that I save to focus on other areas of the business. Our team loves the ease of the website, and has commented multiple times that they choose the days they come into the office based on the lunch that day. Luckily, Foodee offers excellent options that our employees don’t want to miss!” It’s a win-win for all employees at PagerDuty, no matter where they work, just like the company culture called for.

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