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A Foodee case study with Vancouver’s Beyond Capture Studios

Beyond Capture Studios log, a state of the art performance capture facility.
VFX, Video Games, and Animation
A camera crew and actors filming a scene for a game on an open set.

Foodee has been delighted to serve Beyond Capture Studios since 2020. We have had the pleasure of providing employee’s the autonomy to choose their own meals, benefiting both the individuals and the company as a whole.

About Beyond Capture Studios

Vancouver’s Beyond Capture Studios is a full-service performance capture film studio that’s worked with big-name brands like EA, Warner Brothers Games, 2K Games, Pokemon, and Sony Pictures Animation. At any given time, its state-of-the-art studio may be full of stunt actors combating in motion capture gear, while pre-production crews have access to thousands of props and sets, and behind-the-scenes post processing is where the magic brings it all together. Needless to say, Beyond Capture helped put Vancouver, Canada on the map for motion capture.

When top talent works with the Beyond Capture team, their full-service experience extends into epic corporate catering with Foodee.

Beyond Capture’s film studio is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver—a city that’s blessed with a culinary-rich culture made up of delicious local restaurants. The fact that Foodee only partners with local restaurants, delivers their meals in individual COVID-safe packaging and on-time right to the studio, was a triple-win for the film studio, its talent, and its internationally-renowned clients. Here’s how they go above and beyond with Foodee.

Feeding film talent in a COVID-safe way

As a full-service studio, Beyond Capture has always provided its talent, crew, and contractors with food. It’s an industry standard and has come to be expected on-set. But not all studios provide local restaurant meals hand-picked by the talent themselves that’s delivered fresh and hot, on-time for lunch break, and, most importantly, in COVID-safe way.

The Beyond Capture team used a different catering service that closed its doors because of the pandemic. “Before Foodee, it wasn’t easy to find a service that catered individual lunches instead of family-style meals,” Bradley Tyler, Production Coordinator, said. “Additionally, orders from other food couriers were often delivered with mistakes, and the separated tip versus meal receipts were problematic on the accounting side.”

“With Foodee, we can share individual guest links with talent and external contractors,” Maeve Russell, Production Manager at Beyond Capture Studios told us. “It has streamlined the process of taking food orders for our cast/crew.”

“Plus, we appreciate that each meal is labelled with the name and food order,” Bradley added. “The labels help ensure no cross-contamination between those with specific dietary restrictions”, that is, if multiple people ordered the same meal that day. They also appreciated the ability to mark specific dietary restrictions and requirements right into their Foodee profiles for faster ordering.

Two actors wearing body suits with nodes to outline their bodies while filming a fight scene for a video game or movie.
A table filled with individually packaged orders from Foodee with labels for each individual at Beyond Capture Studios.
A headshot of Maeve Russell, a Production Manager at Beyond Capture Studios.

Maeve Russel

Production Manager at Beyond Capture Studios
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Our relationship with Cody and his team exceeds any catering service. The Foodee team is always happy to jump on a call or chat to help out. It is very much appreciated!

Beyond Capture Studios

Punctuality is key for catering to Beyond Capture Studios

With COVID food and health safety concerns off of the team’s plate, Maeve and Bradley can focus on what’s important to them: their time.

As production managers, it’s their job to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on-schedule. It’s no wonder that their most important criteria for food catering was punctuality. “Generally speaking,” Maeve explained, “we hire union talent for our shoots and are, therefore, subject to union rules and regulations. As such, we are only allowed to shoot in four-hour blocks. Our lunch must fit within those blocks and cannot be late or too early.”

A Foodee delivery driver wearing a hospital mask while packaging multiple food containers in their delivery travel bag.

Unanimous love for Vancouver’s local restaurants delivered

Lastly, but importantly to Foodee and its eaters, is, of course, the delicious local food. The Beyond Capture crew loves it when Vancouver’s local burger joint, Burgoo, pops up on the diner portal. They love how many different southern-style comfort food options Burgoo has, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

“Disco Cheetah on Davie Street is a personal favourite of the entire crew,” Maeve added. “When the timing works out with our shoot days, we always request it!” For them, the employee-specific Foodee accounts meant that their team members could individually order their meals, while the agency could mix-and-match many menu items for talent to choose from when it was delivered. “The rotation of different restaurants ensures our meals never get boring,” Bradley told us.

5 professionals sitting at a table and picking out their individually packaged Foodee order from a table filled with other Foodee orders.

By using Foodee, we have seen a significant reduction in time sourcing our lunches—the service has enabled complete autonomy for our employees to choose their lunch.

Beyond Capture Studios

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