What Torontonians are Eating


What Torontonians are Eating

By Foodee
July 11, 2017

Ever wonder what Torontonians are eating? Well, now we know! We’ve compiled the top 10 restaurants corporate clients are crazy about, including the items that they purchase the most.

IQ Food Co.

100 Washington St S*
What Torontonians are eating IQ Food Co.

When it comes to Toronto’s most popular restaurant, it’s all about being inside the box. Corporate clients prefer their food packaged as opposed to that in a free-form. Whatever works for you Torontonians! In other news, IQ Food Co. is preparing some of the healthiest meals you can get your hands on. Order from the Foodee menu.

What Torontonians are eating:

Lima Box
Sparta Box
Apple Cobb Box


299 Roncesvalles Ave*
What Torontonians are Eating Barque

Barbecue isn’t the first thing you think of when food comes up in the workplace. In fact, it very well may be the last. What with all the finely pressed formal attire, you’d think no one would want to sully their clothes. Well, according to the numbers, good food beats clean clothes every time. Order from the Foodee menu.

What Torontonians are eating:

12 Hour Brisket Sandwich
Competition Chicken Thighs
Fried Chicken Club Sandwich


145 King St W*
What Torontonians are eating Crave

No surprise here. Not only does Crave serve a bunch of delicious boxed lunches, but they are a healthy habit waiting to happen. Get your hands on a Gusto Box or travel the world with the Taj Mahal. Each and every one of these items packs a powerful punch of flavour made from fresh local ingredients. Order from the Foodee menu.

What Torontonians are eating:

Gusto Box with Chicken
Californication Box with Chicken
Taj Mahal Box with Chicken

AAamazing Salad

160 Baldin St
What Torontonians are Eating Aaamazing Salad

AAamazing Salad is serving up triple A salads, wraps, bowls and soups to the fine people of Toronto. People seem to be responding, as they gravitate towards the salad and bowl items on the menu. With homemade salad dressings that can’t be found anywhere else, the flavour combinations are uniquely agreeable. Order from the Foodee menu.

What Torontonians are eating:

Eastern Salad with Chicken
Buddha Bowl
Rainbow Wasabi Bowl with Chicken

Black Camel

4 Crescent Rd.
What Torontonians are eating Black Camel

When a sandwich shop describes themselves as “Heaven on a Bun,” they better be able to back it up. For Black Camel and their selection of artisan fare, it’s safe to say they’re bringing their best. From their five-day long brisket to their pulled pork preparation process, everything is done with an insane attention to detail. But don’t take it from us, take it from the hungry Torontonians who eat here every day. Order from the Foodee menu.

What Torontonians are eating:

Brisket Sandwich
Pulled Chicken Sandwich
Camel Club Sandwich


147 Spadina Ave*
What Torontonians are eating Fusaro's

Let us be perfectly clear: corporate clients have a bit of a “thing” for top-tier Toronto sandwiches. Fusaro’s is no exception. This casual Southern Italian eatery is pumping out first-class food at an alarming rate. What makes things even more interesting is the way they’ve labeled their sandwiches. Uno through Otto (or one through eight), each one as good as the last. Order from the Foodee menu.

What Torontonians are eating:

Otto Panini
Uno Panini
Due Panini

The Pantry

24 Carlaw Ave
What Torontonians are eating The Pantry

The Food Dudes are known for some of the best catering in all of Ontario, so when they team up with us, the best corporate caterer in all of North America, you know something big is going to go down. Each menu item comes equipped with a protein, salad and side: providing office workers with a fully fleshed meal. Order from the Foodee menu.

What Torontonians are eating:

BBQ Chicken No. 2
Daily Salmon No. 2
Jerk Chicken No. 2

Basil Box

351 Yonge St*
What Torontonians are eating Basil Box

I hate to say “I told you so,” but I’m going to go ahead and do it anyways. I told you so. Corporate clients in Toronto love to eat food that comes packaged in a beautiful little box. I mean, come on, the word is right there: Basil Box! Offering up a fantastic assortment of individual meals, as well as beverages and desserts, it’s no wonder why they are one of Toronto’s most popular restaurants. Order from the Foodee menu.

What Torontonians are eating:

Lemongrass Chicken w/ Jasmine Rice & Mild Rice
Lemongrass Chicken w/ Spring Mix & Mild
Five Spice Steak w/ Short Grain Brown Rice & Medium Spice

Paintbox Bistro

555 Dundas St E
What Torontonians are eating Paintbox Bistro

Alright, now things are starting to get weird. Paintbox?  Anyways, who would have thought that seasonal fruit and yogurt would resonate with so many corporate clients? The things is, many customers are ordering for large breakfast and brunch events, and Paintbox Bistro is absolutely perfect. Order from the Foodee menu.

What Torontonians are eating:

Seasonal Fruit Platter
Yogurt Parfait
Hot Breakfast Sandwich + Togarashi Bacon

Sud Forno

740 Queen St W
What Torontonians are eating Sud Forno

Wrapping up our top ten most popular restaurants is Sud Forno. Although they’re known for a killer boxed lunch, their top two most popular items are in fact mini bombolone, which we have pictured above. The perfect treat to get you through the day, we can’t get enough of these guys. Order from the Foodee menu.

What Torontonians are eating:

Mini Nutella Bombolone
Mini Crema Bombolone
Panino Classico & Insalata Verde

*Multiple locations

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