How Ice Cream Experts Keep it Cool


How Ice Cream Experts Keep it Cool

Kiks Chua
By Kiks Chua
August 31, 2016

*Updated blog post in August 2019*

With summer getting started, ice cream season is in full swing. You’re already having your office meals brought in, so why not have your favourite organic vanilla bean ice cream delivered too?

Ice cream delivery can either sound like the best idea ever or a melty disaster. We’ve got that process locked down and now it’s time we share our secret.

How Foodee Keeps It Cool

To start, we curate all items on our menus to travel well. This means that we work with local restaurant owners to ensure that the food available on our website will arrive to your office as fresh as they would be at the restaurant itself. Yes, even the frozen treats.

Our logistics team is equipped with thermal bags to keep the precious cargo safe from melting. On arrival, our driver will rush the precious goods to your office freezer for everyone to enjoy later.

Check out some of our favorite ice cream treats across major Foodee cities, including:

How Ice Cream Experts Keep It Cool

Dolce Neve, Austin

Dolce Neve, Austin Ice Cream Delivery

Photo credit: @dolcenevegelato

“We put our gelato in a blast freezer as soon as we prepare them for at least 30 minutes and again after we package them for at least 10 minutes. We then transfer the sandwiches directly to the Foodee cooler (we never leave them at room temperature).” – Marco

🍨 See Dolce Neve’s menu for gelato delivery in Austin.

God Save the Cream, Denver

God Save the Cream, Denver Ice Cream Delivery

Photo credit: @godsavethecreamdenver

“I use a blast freezer! As soon as my ice cream is churned I put directly into a blast freezer that runs around -30 degrees F. This rapid form of freezing takes about 7 minutes to freeze the pints solid. This helps seal in the freshness, and contributes to giving my product the extraordinary mouth feel. This minimizes the damage and preserves food at a higher quality, I factor in the time it takes to drive around in Denver traffic so my ice cream when leaving the kitchen is extra cold.”  – Jessica

The secret is out: keep the ice cream EXTRA cold!

Why go get ice cream when the ice cream can come to you? Use Foodee to skip the line, cool down your team and order yourself an extra pint of cookies and cream for a job well done.  

Here are some more delicious Foodee ice cream treats to get you inspired (and hungry).


Stay hungry! Check out what Foodee’s serving up in your city.

Kiks Chua

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Kiks Chua is the UX Designer at Foodee. She tries to deny the stereotype but her favorite comfort food is a fresh bowl of fluffy steamed white rice.

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