Our Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts of 2020

2020 has been a different year for all of us. It has changed where we work, what we do, and the content that we consume. As the year comes to an end, here is a roundup of our Top 10 most read blog posts in 2020, which reveal a dramatic shift in sought-after themes this year.

10. Top Box Lunch Ideas


We’ve seen a surge in interest for boxed lunches, as companies prioritize safety and hygiene in the office. Box lunches serve as a great grab and go solution for teams during COVID-19 to minimize contact and facilitate social distancing.

Although this blog was published in 2019, its popularity picked up in the latter months of 2020 as offices seek variety with individually packaged meals. They don’t only have to be sandwiches and a salad – they range from poke bowls to pies to tacos. We recently published an article on Boxed lunches you should be ordering into the office during COVID-19 to give you even more ideas.

9. How Ice Cream Experts Keep It Cool


You may be wondering why this is in our top 10, and to be honest, we’d like to know as well. Many are surprised to find out that Foodee partners with a variety of delicious ice cream shops. But how do we keep the ice cream cold throughout the delivery process? We interviewed a few of our top ice cream spots, and they’ve given us their secret. Read this post to find out!

8. Fast Food vs. Slow Food: The Dilemma of Ordering in

With the growing demand of food deliveries and the push to support local restaurants during COVID-19, there has been a rising interest in understanding the slow food movement. Gone are the days when people only order delivery from quick service restaurants. We are becoming more conscious towards food sustainability and nourishing our own bodies with clean, local meals.

7. 25 Best Foods for your Office Christmas Party

Foodee christmas party

This year, companies needed to re-think their holiday celebrations. Whether that be virtual or a socially distanced gathering (or even a drive thru!), there still needs to be food. This post outlines the most popular holiday treats and where you can get them. Some ideas include the fan-favourite donuts, cupcakes, and candied popcorn.

6. Workplace Food Health and Safety

Office managers, operations teams, and health and safety committees have been hyper focused in ensuring a safe work environment for their team. As working from home is not an option for some, we compiled a list of 6 safety precautions when bringing food into the workplace. This includes frequent sanitation of shared meal surfaces and avoiding any shareable foods and drinks (ie. condiments, snack bowls).

5. What To Eat When You’re Sick and Where To Get It


This post is a popular one during the winter months, as we return to the cold and flu season. Here is a list of flu-fighting meals for comfort and health benefits. Don’t worry, you don’t need to compromise taste with these healthy meals.

4. The 10 Best Food Documentaries on Netflix

There’s no doubt that we have all been spending a lot of time binging movies and TV shows this year. It’s also no surprise that many have been searching for food documentaries, as we look to be more informed of what we put in our stomachs. Some favourites on this list include Cooked, Chef’s Table, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and Food, Inc.

3. 12 Impressive Facts on the Food Truck Industry

Foodee food trucks impressive facts

Did you know that food trucks are a $2 billion+ industry in the US? And we’re not talking about the hot dog stand across the street – many delicious, local restaurants operate out of a food truck and fuel our clients. There’s many benefits to operating out of a food truck, however, there are also many challenges associated with it. Read all about this booming industry here.

2. The Good (and Bad News) About Juice Cleanses

One of our most popular blog post of all-time, this article speaks to why you should or should not go on a juice cleanse. Many of us may strive to be healthier as a new year’s resolution, but you may want to think twice before purchasing a set of juices. There are many benefits, namely cutting out unhealthy foods and getting a boost of nutrients. However, you may also experience side effects without a well-rounded diet.

1. Compostable vs. Recyclable vs. Biodegradable

zero waste

Last but not least is our most read article of 2020. With increased waste among households during quarantine, some of us have become more environmentally conscious. This includes understanding the difference between materials that are compostable, recyclable or biodegradable. Although it may be easier to throw something in the garbage, give this article a quick read to understand how your actions can play a role in creating a more sustainable environment.

That’s a wrap to 2020!

We hope these blog posts have been helpful in providing you with ideas for office meals, as well as furthering your own knowledge of the food industry. We look forward to doing this again next year!

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