Inside The Kitchen: Woodgrain Bagels

Still fresh to the Boulder scene, Woodgrain Bagels is stirring up a following for the boiled bread and a variety of other artisanal treats. Owner David Bowen has been working since April to celebrate the bagel in a social space that remembers the family dinner table and from scratch recipes fondly.


The Restaurant

Feeling most at home in the depths of a restaurant’s kitchen, David has spent the majority of his life getting to know the in’s and out’s of the food industry, starting at age 14. Spending a stint North of the border lead to a love affair with the good old fashion Montreal bagel, and now he’s keen to get the community of Boulder hooked too. Steeping the menu in history instead of complicated recipes, Woodgrain Bagels is a reliable place for wholesome foods that speak to the art of baking and the pure awesomeness of a good bagel.



The Food

If spending one second listening to David discuss bagels isn’t enough to inspire passion, the taste of some of his creations will. Adding the unusual twist of an oak-fired wood oven, hand rolled dough is boiled in honey water to become a calling card for the authentic bagel experience. This unique approach has been adopted as Woodgrain has branched out to amazing Jewish classics like Challah, and other breakfast recipes. Naturally, Woodgrain offers plenty of ways to enjoy their bagels with house-made jams and staple spreads for the morning. If you require a little more fill in your life, there are plenty of sandwiches and top-ups that fit perfectly alongside. Lunch options include raclette grilled cheese or the ever-popular Brooklyn Classic with the ever popular iconic lox.



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