Inside The Kitchen: The Copper Hen

Wife and husband, Danielle and Chris Bjorling have been running The Copper Hen since 2014, bringing back memories of a warm welcoming kitchen as they offer upscale cakes and beloved American Classics with the help of chef Josh Hedquist.

The Copper Hen owners, a young man holding a hen and a woman holding eggs

The Restaurant

While most restaurateurs will come into their own through relentless passion, it was friends and family that pushed Chris and Danielle to offer their raw talent for food to the public. Excelling as a classic pastry chef, Danielle offered delicious cakes as wedding gifts to close friends. After poking and prodding, the duo began putting their food up for other events. The Copper Hen was born shortly after, quickly becoming the destination for lovingly crafted local food. Nestled directly to their community, Chris and Danielle make a point of supporting their local farms and businesses directly, offering special dinners and events that use their restaurant to celebrate. Styled close to a high class French bistro, The Copper Hen was built with an old school farmhouse in mind, reminding the patrons of rustic American cuisine and social gatherings.

Inside of The Copper Hen

The Food

Delivering locally sourced meals from scratch is a huge point of pride for the couple and chef Josh’s kitchen. Contemporary American classics inspired by the country farmhouse aren’t just the bread and butter of this restaurant, but the soul. With a heavy hint of slow cooking, the best of The Copper Hen arrives with their in-from-the-wild flavours, just like their Farmhouse Salad sporting roasted wild mushrooms, poached egg, and baby greens. Just about every loaf of bread, morsel of ground meat, and wedge of fry is cut or assembled by hand on the spot, or right around the corner. Snacks like the house-made soft pretzel or slices of the lamb sausage Little Bo Peep’s Pizza are the pinnacle of fresh out-the-oven home-style comfort food. Order from The Coppper Hen Today!

The Copper Hen beet, almond, and green salad

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