Inside the Kitchen: Monkey Nest Coffee


Inside the Kitchen: Monkey Nest Coffee

By Foodee
January 19, 2018

For the local environmentally minded of Austin, Monkey Nest Coffee has been laying the foundation for a strong community of passionate people since 2009. With a diverse range of original coffees and eclectic meals, Monkey Nest Coffee is serving as an international space for friends, live music, and a great cup of joe.

The Restaurant

A local mainstay since it’s opening, Monkey Nest was envisioned as a hub for the community. Serving the highest quality sustainable ingredients to health conscious individuals while keeping it all affordable. As the operating manager, Alex has created an atmosphere that features local bands that match the wide variety of tastes coming from the kitchen. An open space meant for friends to assemble, Monkey Nest features room for the habitually studying student and a happy place for families to gather for a quick bite.

The Food

With coffee in the title, you can be sure that Monkey Nest turns out a great cup of java. Whether it’s the straightforward cup of black, macchiato, latte, or espressos, the diverse options cater to anyone chasing a quick caffeine high. For those that crave a little extra with their coffee, you’ll find menu favourites like a mocha with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Like any good cafe, Monkey Nest is not afraid to help out anyone feeling a little peckish, the menu of salads, flatbreads, and pastries assemble local ingredients into unique treats. Specials like the Monkey Nest hot sandwich exemplify the creativity of the kitchen with chicken breast, cranberries, basil, veggies, and pomegranate honey-mustard dressing.

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