Inside The Kitchen: House Special

After a flash of inspiration, Patrick Do approached his sister, Victoria, about an idea for contemporary Vietnamese. In 2016, the two opened House Special, a monument to their childhood in downtown Vancouver.

The Restaurant

Despite an effort to avoid the restaurant industry at all costs, Victoria and Patrick eventually found themselves drawn back after time in media and realty. Calling on their family experience with the restaurant industry, and their wealthy memories of diverse dishes on family vacations. Approaching the family meals as dishes to be refined, the siblings took the same approach to the dining space of House Special. Loading up on clean and casual space for people to dig into their pho, and built by a family that believes in good food.


The Food

Focusing on dishes found in the markets of Vietnam, House Special adds modern flair and the sensation of couture eating. One of the best examples is their classic frybread prepared in many different ways, but as per the Confit Duck, stuffed with duck confit, caramelized onions, and an Asian slaw. With plenty of twists on what has become traditional Vietnamese cuisine, you’ll also find modern starters or salads that incorporate tastes you wouldn’t normally place in Vietnamese cuisine. The papaya and beef jerky with basil and carrot with a sweetened dressing in a salad is a refreshing reminder that nothing in House Special is ever boring. Naturally, the extremely popular vermicelli bowls excelling in all their various forms, like slow braised pork belly, or a vegan collection of taro, sweet potato, and tofu, both served with a spring roll. Whether you go salad, vegan, or standard spring, make sure you always grab a roll. Order from House Special today!



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