Inside the Kitchen: Empanada Papa

By Foodee
July 17, 2018

Have you ever tried an empanada? Living in Vancouver, where Latin American infusion is limited, the answer to that is probably not. Now, should you try an empanada? The answer to that question is certainly, most definitely, and without a shadow of a doubt, yes. Do not fear: Empanada Papa is the answer to your most savory of dreams.

The Restaurant

A love for food and feeding others is what inspired Empanada Papa to open its doors in May of 2017. The owner of Empanada Papa spent some time in Latin America, where he was introduced to the traditional, flaky, deliciously baked cuisine. After returning to Canada, he noticed that empanadas where few and hard to come by. Finding his empanada needs unmet, he opened Empanada Papa.

There are four ways to enjoy this scrumptious baked delicacy: through catering, delivery, pick-up, or purchase at select supermarkets. Empanada Papa is known for its large-scale catering; they are more than willing to customize their empanadas to satisfy their customers’ needs. So, not only are the savory goodies a hit, but they can also be filled with custom ingredients to match your party! Planners of office lunches, sports events, and get-togethers of any kind would be well served by ordering from Empanada Papa.

Empanada Papa

The Food

The owner of Empanada Papa wanted to do something different with his ingredients to give his empanadas a truly revolutionary taste. Rather than using pastry dough, Empanada Papa uses cornmeal-based dough, which enhances both the flavors and texture. Each empanada tastes unique—the owner uses flavors and spices that he picked up while travelling abroad to create distinctive menu items. For example, ordering a “6. Mariam” might remind you of South Asian cuisine, while a “2. Smith” might take your taste buds to the United Kingdom.

The empanadas are made using local and organic ingredients whenever possible, and never feature fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives of any kind. Additionally, customers have the opportunity to submit a flavor of the month. If chosen, their creation could be added to the menu, where it would join other customer favorites. The Papa’s, for example, is a tender, slow-roasted empanada filled with maple pulled pork, caramelized onions, and roasted bell peppers. The Chula, stuffed with shredded chicken, salty peanuts, and a hint of coconut, is another fan favorite. Vegetarians should not despair, because the vegan delight is filled with all the green fixings: peas, beans, and broccoli. The ever-changing flavors and ingredients on the menu ensure that there is something for everyone.

Empanada Papa also features an array of sauces to go with the main feature. We might never know the secret recipe behind the sweet mango sauce and smoky tomato sauce, but at least we’ll get to enjoy it!

Each item on the menu is unconventional and creative—and tastier because of it. It might have taken some time for empanadas to break into the Vancouver food scene, but we are sure glad they did! Experience it yourself and order from Empanada Papa today.

Empanada Papa

Empanada Papa


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