How to order lunch for your office with Foodee

Organizing and ordering lunch for your office can be a monotonous, stressful, and thankless task. But it doesn’t have to be. That’s where Foodee can help.

Foodee specializes in helping people like you to order lunch for office catering. In fact, we’ve built an entire business around making it easy, stress-free, reliable, on-time, and full of delicious, local variety. Whether you have to order daily or weekly lunch for your office of 10 people or more than 500, Foodee—and our hundreds of restaurant partners and logistics professionals—have you covered.

Here’s how to order lunch for your office with Foodee

Step one: Decide how often you want to order lunch for your office

Foodee is ideal for delivering daily and weekly office lunches for 10 to 500+ employees. We have local food experts who can recommend a variety of the best restaurants in town to try every day of the week. We work with you to create a customizable office meal plan that works for your schedule. Plus, our technology offers suggested daily meal plans based on your past orders and our vast restaurant variety.

Step two: Decide how much or little ordering you want to do

If you want us to order lunch for your office:

If you have enough on your plate, you can tell us what your team’s dietary preferences, allergies, favourite restaurants, restrictions, budget, and health, and wellness considerations are and then we’ll do the rest. We create healthy and fun meal plans so all you have to do is sign off.

If you want your team to order lunch for themselves:

If you want to choose the restaurant and per-person budget, you can try our Team Orders option. You select the delivery date and time, restaurant, and budget and send a link to order off the menu by a certain date to your team. Your team can order an entire week’s worth of office lunch catering ahead of time without you having to add allergy and kitchen notes for every order.

If you want to order lunch for your office yourself:

If you want to order lunch for your office yourself, our technology is easy to use and highly customizable. We’re happy to offer local restaurant suggestions and are available for live support chats and phone calls.

Here is a helpful link on how to order with Foodee.

Two women eat their Foodee office lunches together

Step three: Sign up to order lunch for your office and start eating the best your city has to offer

Once you’ve signed up for Foodee, you can begin to browse all of the delicious local owner-operated restaurants we’ve partnered with in your office’s city. We’ve partnered with salad bars, farm-to-table restaurants, burger and BBQ joints, pizzerias, sandwich spots, cafes, bars, bakeries, taquerias, Indian, Thai, Greek, and Middle Eastern restaurants, noodle joints, sushi restaurants, juice bars, ice cream shops… you name it.

Check out our Foodee blog to find the restaurants and cuisine types we’re most excited about these days for office lunch catering.

From there, all you have to do is choose your per-person budget for lunch, select the date for delivery and we can do the rest. Many of our lunch meals are best served individually, but we also have family-style and fully catered options based on your office needs.

For more information on how to order with Foodee, check out our informative, step-by-step blog post on how to sign up and go from there!

Happy ordering!

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