Game day food for American pros

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
January 23, 2019

Eat like a champion this Game Day with the best party foods and snacks in America. Here’s a list of the top Game Day food ideas and the best local restaurants to order them from in major cities across the US.

Hot tip: Foodee is a local food catering company that delivers food to companies and workplaces for any event, including an unforgettable Football Sunday party (for those of you who can’t get enough of your team).

Top Game-Day food (and where to get ‘em)

1. Pizza

In honor of Atlanta, Georgia hosting the 53rd Super Bowl at the state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday, February 3, 2019, we thought we should talk about Atlanta first. For those of you Game Day partiers who live in the championship city, you may just want to order in from Jack’s Pizza and Wings.

Not only does this mouth-watering restaurant serve up tonnes of classic-style pizzas like pepperoni and cheese, but they also have dozens of house favorites and specialty za’s, plus chicken wings and homemade bacon. Need I say more? Dinner is served.

Game day food for American pros

2. BBQ meats

Nothing screams Game Day food more than a saucy Texas BBQ. If you’re lucky enough to live in Austin, then you’ve probably got your favorite BBQ joint that you frequent, but we recommend Kerlin BBQ. These guys have been rated the number one BBQ haunt in America—plus we deliver their smoking hot meats for event catering just like a Football Sunday work party.

The beautiful thing about BBQ is that there are delicious joints in every major city across North America. So go ahead and order prime Angus brisket, pork ribs, pork shoulder, sausage links and a few sides of slaw, beans and potato salad. Your friends—or colleagues—will be glad they chose your Game Day party over the others. Trust us.

Game day food for American pros

(Source: Kerlin BBQ)

3. Spicy chicken wings

Every Game Day party needs at least one plate of chicken wings with several dipping sauces. Like BBQ meats, chicken wings are easy to come by no matter where you live. Today, we’ve chosen one of Denver’s hottest wing joints, Grillin’ Wings and things because they serve up massive chicken wings in so many different delicious flavors that every one of your party guests can choose one. Plus, they’re finished on the grill. These guys have hot chicken wings, honey hot, BBQ, jerk, dry, cajun, sweet chili, Asian bite, teriyaki, spicy garlic, mango habenaro—we could go on for days.

No matter where you decide to order wings and dips from, treat yourself to extra sauces and some side vegetables to dunk. If you have to eat vegetables today, why not cover them in blue cheese and ranch dressing? That’s what Game Day is all about.

Game day food for American pros

4. Burgers

Sometimes you can feel good about eating juicy burgers. Like when the patties are made with Premium Gold Pure Country Angus Beef without antibiotics, hormones or other weird stuff. That’s how we feel about All Star Burger in Austin, Texas. This restaurant knows how to make delicious hand-crafted burgers naturally. Melt a little Tillamook cheddar cheese on the greasy patty, drape a few pickles, red onion, tomato and lettuce and cap with a toasty buttered bun slathered in Dijon and you’ve got yourself some perfect Super Bowl food.

Game day food for American pros

5. Hot dogs

We can’t talk about hot dogs without mentioning Pittsburg, New York, Chicago and Texas-style dogs. The Pittsburg dog is a classic Yinzer take on a hot dog loaded with slaw and pirogies. The others, well, you should just check them out. No one does franks (and poutine) quite like Franktuary in Pittsburg. We dare you to see what they’re topping their dogs with.

It’ll be just like you’re at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday.

Game day food for American pros

6. Munchies

All of the above entrees are absolute show-stoppers, but no Game Day food party is complete without various bowls of munchies to binge eat during the suspenseful game. We’re talking chips and dip, popcorn, nuts, sweet treats and a collection of all of those mixed together for the perfect bite.

Take Reel Popcorn in Austin, for example. These guys specialize in munching hard on popcorn. They have bacon cheddar, bbq, buffalo, buttery, cheddar, chili lemon, coconut curry, dill, garlic parmesan, jalapeno cheddar, nacho cheese, pizza, ranch, sea salt & peppercorn, smokin’ chipotle, salt and vinegar, sour cream & onion and white cheddar flavors. And that’s just the savory popcorn. Then you have candied, specialty and mixes—some classic and some crazy flavors profiles. It’s party time.

Game day food for American pros

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