Foodee Eats: Breakfast in Toronto


Foodee Eats: Breakfast in Toronto

By Foodee
March 24, 2017

Breakfast In Toronto

As Canada’s biggest city, Toronto is alive with endless things to see and do. From the shores of Lake Ontario, to the Westminster Memorial Gardens, we’ve got the best recommendations for your first meal of the day in the 6ix.

Astarté Fresh Yogurt Bar

Breakfast in Toronto Astarte Fresh Yogurt Bar

150 West King St
(647) 808-0336

The perfect merging of decadence and health, Astarté serves fresh, locally sourced Greek yogurt with healthy toppings. Slyly parked in PATH across from St. Andrews station, Astarté is serving up small and large tastes of heaven.

Foodee Recommends

Peanut Butter & Strawberry ($4.87)

PB and J gets a bad rap for being too boring. Crunchy peanut butter envelops strawberry balsamic preserve with classic natural granola with your Greek yogurt.

Cucumber ($4.87)

Why stop at the yogurt when you can go full Greek! Pita chips, Greek yogurt, and cucumbers with a little salt and pepper to taste.

Maple Syrup & Pecan ($6.20)

You’re getting a large because that’s exactly what people do when maple syrup is mastered like this. Greek yogurt, pecans, natural granola, and 100% pure Canadian maple syrup.

P.S. Astarté Fresh Yogurt Bar is available for office delivery via Foodee!

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Breakfast in Toronto Greenhouse Juice Co

5 Macpherson Ave – (416) 546-1719
57 Yorkville Ave – (647) 350-5513
2553 Yonge St. – (647) 350-5514

Founded on the principle of high quality, sustainable nutrition, this proudly Canadian juicery has been cold-pressing their favourite juice since 2014. With 13 locations and front-door delivery, Greenhouse Juice Co. makes it easy to quench your thirst.

Foodee Recommends

Rabbit, Run ($7.50)

The simple and sweet concoction is perfect when your immune system needs a boost, or you just crave something really really good. Lots of carrots, apple, and ginger make it into this single bottle.

The Giver ($8.50)

Anyone that has trouble enjoying greens has never sampled this beauty. Celery, kale, collards, cucumber, rainbow chard topped off with lemon and ginger.

Portage Mix ($3.75)

Pick up this gluten-free mix of almonds, walnuts, berries, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds spiked with their signature Greenhouse Chocolate. Perfect for any trip you take, canoe or otherwise.

P.S. Greenhouse Juice Co. is available for office delivery via Foodee!

Kupfert & Kim

Breakfast in Toronto Kupfert & Kim

140 Spadina Ave. – (416) 504-2206
100 West King Street – First Canadian Place – (416) 504-1233

Proudly wheatless and meatless, Kupfert and Kim dishes out sustainable plant-based meals you’re sure to fall in love with. With six locations across T.O. you’re ready for a fresh, organic breakfast.

Foodee Recommends

Vanilla Cocoa Smoothie ($7.50)

If you’re like me, you can never decide chocolate or vanilla. Why not both? Coconut milk, banana, walnuts, maple syrup with hemp and sunflower seeds blend perfectly with organic vanilla and cocoa.

Steel Cut Oats ($5.97)

Savour this taste of the prairies with gluten-free Saskatchewan oats, almond butter, cinnamon and apple topped off with hemp seeds, blueberries, dried cranberries and almond milk.

Oaxaca ($10.40)

While technically lunch, this bowl is the spicy kick everyone’s morning needs. Brown rice, black beans, kale, beets, corn, daikon, hemp seeds, and tortilla chips enjoyed with pico de gallo, guac, and cashew cream.

P.S. Kupfert & Kim is available for office delivery via Foodee!

Old School

Breakfast in Toronto Old School

800 West Dundas
(416) 815-8790

Somewhere between a chic 50’s diner and a modern take on the penthouse loft, Old School does an incredible job reminding you just how decadent the classics can be. Join them for their all day weekend brunches, anchored in traditional barbecue.

Foodee Recommends

Hogtown BBQ Benny ($16.00)

When in Rome, right? Slow cooked pulled pork with soft poached eggs on cheddar chive biscuit with potato salad and greens.

Blueberry Hill Pancakes ($13.00)

You cannot dream a stack of pancakes more beautiful than these griddled hotcakes. Built tall and conquered by fresh blueberries, sugar cured bacon and brown sugar butter.

Butcher’s Crack Caesar ($10.00)

Can’t stop thinking about sugar cured bacon? Same. Two ounces of bacon-infused Stolichnaya mixed with Tabasco, Worcestershire and garnished with a strip of the signature meat.

P.S. Old School is available for office delivery via Foodee!


Breakfast in Toronto Beast

96 Tecumseth St.
(647) 352-6000

Having graciously earned their name from their menu, Beast soars with food from local farmers. On the edge of the T Dot’s Fashion District, Beast tames the hunger monster inside all of us.

Foodee Recommends

The Pollo Loco Biscuit Sandwich ($15.00)

Eating a biscuit sandwich the size of your head may seem crazy, but you’d be crazy not to dive in. Fried chicken thigh, guac, ranchero sauce with a thorough dusting of sheep feta. Salad or house tato’s for the side.

Challah French Toast ($14.00)

You needn’t save this dish for the Sabbath! Braid yourself right into duck confit, cranberry mostarda, whipped creme fraiche and, of course, maple syrup all over that challah bread.

Poutine ($12.00)

Some say it’s not poutine unless it’s done the classic way. I, on the other hand, will happily take my fried gnocchi topped with the gravy of the day and cheese curds.

Aunties And Uncles

Breakfast in Toronto Aunties & Uncles

74 Lippincott Ave.
(416) 324-1375

The Toronto staple Aunties and Uncles has been flourishing for nearly twenty years just blocks from the renowned Kensington Market. Open seven days a week, they make snagging a table feel like coming home.

Foodee Recommends

Banana Oatmeal Pancakes ($8.00)

These lovingly crafted beauties marry two breakfast greats into one savoury dish, served with fresh fruit and a healthy side of maple syrup.

Breakfast Tacos ($9.25)

Uncles and aunties all over the world are jealous of this house-made chorizo, peameal bacon, scrambled eggs served with pinto beans, cheddar, and cilantro sour cream on soft corn tortillas.

Omelette Of The Day ($8.75)

You only get one breakfast each day, so make it unique! This rotating wonder never falls flat. Comes with challah toast and your choice of potato salad, home fries, or a green salad.

Lady Marmalade

Breakfast in Toronto Lady Marmalade

898 East Queen St.
(647) 351-7645

Transplanted all the way from Victoria, BC, Lady Marmalade has brought a focus on eggs benedict and Mexican dishes to Leslieville. Just down the street from the Opera House, everyone who joins them for breakfast leaves singing praise.

Foodee Recommends

Signature Benny ($14.50)

Any of them. They’re all perfect. Although, if we HAD to choose: cheddar, bacon, and mango salsa fits quite neatly with poached egg, hollandaise, and their side potatoes with salad.

Moroccan Scramble ($12.50)

North Africa is far too often overlooked for the potential breakfast yield (PBY). Spiced chickpeas, baby kale, spinach, tomatoes, olives, onions, avocado with your choice of organic tofu or two eggs. Also served with toast and salad.

Huevos Migas ($13.00)

Three scrambled eggs, sausage, pico de gallo, brown rice, black beans, sour cream and organic corn chips. Breakfast nachos is neither an accurate name nor as delicious sounding as this meal.

The Good Fork

Breakfast in Toronto The Good Fork

2431 West Bloor St.
(647) 352-5955

Endorsing the high end of slow food, The Good Fork takes its time cultivating perfect dishes. With classic seasonal Mediterranean flavours extending to every dish, this modern dinner will have you licking your utensil clean.

Foodee Recommends

Pear’s Brosnan Pancakes ($14.50)

Spiced pear pancakes served hot and fresh with apple butter, ricotta, and a small helping of granola. Some preferred Bond, some Remington Steel, my fave Brosnan was this.

Nova Scotia Eggs Benedict ($14.25)

You really ought to make of this. Smoked salmon, fresh dill, and bagel spice on poached eggs, English muffin, and hollandaise. Side o’ home fries or their simple salad.

Good Forkin’ Morning Breakfast ($14.50)

And to you as well! Good mornings start with two eggs, Fred’s bread, halloumi, fennel jam and sesame seeds to top, but also salad or home fries on the side.


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