Dining in Denver: Our 72-Hour Guide


Dining in Denver: Our 72-Hour Guide

Amanda Reycer
By Amanda Reycer
August 23, 2016

When you dine in the Mile High City, it only makes sense that local fare goes above and beyond all expectations. Hit up Denver for organic eats, cool cocktails, and truly inspired culinary experiences.

Day 1

Breakfast: Duffeyroll Café Bakery

duffeyroll with icing and walnuts Dining in Denver

Duffeyroll Café Bakery is the perfect breakfast stop to kick off your tour of Denver’s food scene. Experience hand-rolled cinnamon buns with one of six signature glazes. Or, if you prefer something more savoury, they do breakfast sandwiches on a made-in-house rosemary ciabatta roll that will blow your mind.

Lunch: Hapa Sushi Grill

Hapa Sushi Grill Dining in Denver
Follow up your rich start to the day with something on the lighter side. Hapa Sushi Grill is serving up sushi with Asian and American cultures in mind. With an array of original rolls such as the Mork and Mindy (Albacore tuna, salmon, chives and mandarin oranges) and the Statue of Liberty (Apples, avocado, crab and tuna), Hapa will be sure to take you for a spin.

Dinner: Los Chingones

Los Chingones Dining in Denver

Los Chingones doesn’t claim to be authentic Mexican, but it does promise to be delicious. The interior of the restaurant features funky graffiti brick walls and lots of communal seating. End the first day of your culinary journey in the Mile High City by kicking back on Los Chingones’ rooftop patio with some creatively crafted tacos, like the red chile pork shoulder, and sample one of their killer tequilas.

Day 2

Breakfast: Dudleroy’s Bagels

Dudleroy's Bagels Dining in Denver

Whether you’re into a blueberry bagel with honey cream cheese or a lox bagel sandwich, Dudleroy’s is there for you. Take breakfast to go and wander a few blocks over to Sloan Lake and enjoy your bagel in the park.

Lunch: Roaming Buffalo Bar-B-Que

Roaming Buffalo Bar-B-Que Dining in Denver

Roaming Buffalo Bar-B-Que is a hot destination for lunch in the city. This barbecue joint usually sells out of food between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., so get there early. With all their meat smoked in-house, Roaming Buffalo throws it back to early Colorado barbecue tradition, serving dishes like the Colorado bison short ribs and the beef brisket sandwich.

Dinner: Carbon Beverage Café

dinner carbon beverage cafe Dining in Denver

You usually can’t find doughnuts, tapas, and beer all in the same place. But trust us, you want to. The best way to describe Carbon is perhaps half coffee joint, half cocktail bar, as it shares a space with Habit Doughnuts. This restaurant offers a unique dining experience with share plates such as the street tacos and Mexico City chicken legs.

Day 3

Breakfast: Bakin’ Bakery

Bakin' Bakery Dining in Denver

This mobile bakery is one of the most beloved food trucks in Denver. Bakin’ Bakery is a real farm-to-table, err … farm-to-truck diamond in the rough. Ingredients sourced from local farmers are used to create delicious homestyle baked goods, most of which are infused with bacon. More than just a breakfast spot, the truck offers delectable mid-day treats too.

Lunch: Biju’s Little Curry Shop

Biju's Little Curry Shop Dining in Denver

Biju’s Little Curry Shop serves up traditional south Indian food with a modern twist. They have plenty of vegetarian options on their menu, but offer masala beef and extra hot vindaloo chicken bowls for their meat-loving frequenters. Visit any of their three locations and be sure to try the house-made chai, hot or iced.

Dinner: Tony P’s Bar & Pizzeria

Tony P's Bar and Pizzeria Dining in Denver

Tony P’s is a family-run Italian restaurant in the heart of Denver. A proponent of local agriculture, they craft their traditional Italian family recipes with locally sourced ingredients, and feature a different partner business on their site each week. The 17th Avenue location is open 2 a.m. for all you late-night diners and cocktail drinkers, and the Highland location has live music every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Need something else to do during your 72 hours in the city? Hop on a bike and tour Denver’s booming craft beer scene.

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