Corporate Breakfast Catering for Your Office Made Over-Easy

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That it helps wake and fuel your body and mind and is linked to better heart health, productivity, focus and overall wellness. But some of us aren’t hungry in the morning or we’re too stressed about a meeting. Many of the 25% of Americans who skip breakfast simply don’t have time. Offering breakfast catering at work may be the solution. 

Plus, who doesn’t love a meeting that serves free coffee and delicious baked treats?! Yes, please. Ordering corporate breakfast catering is a morale booster and it’s great for company culture and team building. You may love your job, but added benefits like breakfast at work show that your company cares about you too. Office catering is part of being an awesome workplace—trust us, we work with some of the best companies out there. 

Point taken. How do you go about ordering breakfast catering without adding too much to your already-too-full plate? 

What to consider when ordering corporate breakfast catering

There are a few things to consider when ordering corporate breakfast catering with Foodee that will help simplify your job.

1) What’s your breakfast catering budget and how often are you ordering?

You may be overwhelmed with breakfast choices. We’re here to help. Let’s set some boundaries and narrow in on your needs first by answering some questions:

How often do you want to offer breakfast catering?

  • Daily
  • 2-3 times per week
  • Once a week
  • On a case-by-case basis, depending on the meeting
  • Not sure, we’re just trying it out

What is your breakfast catering budget?

  • $X per month
  • $X per week
  • $X per day
  • $X per meeting
  • $X for this meeting only

How many people are you feeding?

What is your per-person meal budget?

Great work! Let’s say that you’re feeding 10-15 people weekly in a regular meeting and your per-person breakfast catering budget is up to $20. That information alone will help simplify your search significantly.

Latte and baked treats

2)What breakfast foods are most appropriate?

Not all breakfasts are created equally; neither are mornings at the office. Pair your food with the situation and your eaters. Give them options, but consider where, when and how they’re eating it first. 

For example, if your C-suite has a weekly high-level (and fairly stressful) morning meeting, ordering eggs benedicts may not be the best breakfast choice. Easy-to-eat pastries, coffee, fruits and juices might suit that meeting better.   

If you’re ordering daily corporate breakfast catering for all on-site employees, you may want to have some fun rotating through omelets, grab-and-go treats, breakfast sandwiches, smoothies and so on. 

3) Who’s eating breakfast and what do they like?

You may be in charge of ordering breakfast catering, but you still need to know who’s eating, how much they want, what they like (and don’t) and what food is best for the situation. This is where Foodee comes in. We’re expert meal planners so you don’t have to be. We’ve partnered with the best local restaurants, cafes and food trucks in your city.

We know that For Five Coffee Roasters makes the best 24-hour oatmeal bowls in New York City and that Denver’s Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery bakes pecan sticky rolls you’ll dream about. Or that Atlanta’s Flying Biscuit Cafe breakfast sammies will be your new southern staple. 

We offer a breakfast experience that’s designed to evolve with your team’s changing tastes, preferences and budget. We put together breakfast meal plans with our recommended restaurants. Then, you give your employees the choice to order what they want. 

Fruit smoothie breakfast bowls4) Get specific: Are there any dietary restrictions and who wants what?

Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering everyone’s meals for them—dietary restrictions, substitutions, additions, sides, drinks and all. No. You want to simplify your job, not overcomplicate it. 

At Foodee, we work with you to set the meal plan and budget, choose a variety of diverse local restaurants and organize the delivery schedule, but the eaters select what they want to eat from the choices we’ve given them. They know when they’ll be in the office, what they want to eat and their dietary preferences. It arrives individually packaged and clearly labeled with their name just for them. Easy as pie.

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