Top 6 Must-Try Local Caribbean Restaurants in the Spirit of Caribana Festival 2021

This past long weekend would have been the Caribana festival in Toronto. Unfortunately, this is the second straight year the festival is canceled due to COVID-19.  For those who are not familiar, Caribana is North America’s largest cultural festival and brings an incredible energy to the city of Toronto. 

Best sandwiches for lunch catering—and where to get them

Today, we’re covering America’s most popular, convenient and easy lunch catering menu item: the sandwich. The mastery and genius behind the sandwich are simple: two slices of bread easily contain all of the sauces, vegetables, meats and dairy products necessary for a well-balanced meal.

Inside the Kitchen: Lazo Empanadas

Lazo Empanadas has been feeding Denver, Colorado with delicious empanadas since 2016. Inspired by the owner’s Argentinian roots, the empanadas are perfectly cooked and baked with love.