Boxed Lunches You Should Be Ordering into the Office During COVID-19

Boxed lunches have been the new office catering solution during COVID-19. Among our clients back in the office, there has been a major shift towards ordering office boxed meals. But why is this the case?

  • Easy Grab and Go: Maintain social distancing with team members by having a safe grab and go lunch solution
  • Custom-labelled: Pick-up your personalized meal labelled with your name. Get rid of the lunch line-ups!
  • Eliminates outside exposure: Reduce employee contact with crowded areas like elevators and food courts during the lunch hour by ordering boxed meals into the office

The boxed lunch has evolved from the typical “sandwich and a side” to so much more than that. Not only are you keeping your team safe, but you can boost your team’s morale with delicious, flavourful meals. So what is modern day lunch box catering?

Here’s a list of our top 8 box lunch ideas for catering –

1. Tacos, Burrito Bowls, and Burritos


It doesn’t hurt to order tacos every Tuesday as tacos and burritos make a great boxed lunch option. They are served individually packaged and safely sealed, and there’s plenty of protein options your team can choose from. You also can’t go wrong with bowls – burrito bowls are always customizable to your heart’s content and to the dietary needs in your office.

2. Poke, Sushi, and Bento Boxes


An office favourite, poke bowls, sushi combos, and bento boxes are the perfect mix of healthy and hearty. Gone are the days of plain old salads for a healthy lunch – poke bowls and sushi are packed with protein and veggies without leaving your team with the afternoon itis. Bento Boxes are just as appetizing with a little bit of everything compartmentalized in a box, making your afternoons even more productive.

3. Noodle Dishes


Noodles may not be the first thing that comes to mind as an office boxed meal; however, you’re about to find out why they should be. From pad thai, to Vietnamese bun, to chow mein, enjoy delightful and flavourful office catering that your team with love.

4. Protein Bowls, Grain Bowls, and Rice Bowls


Another great boxed lunch option for your team is tried and true rice bowls in its many forms. This includes curry rice bowls, jerk chicken with rice, shawarma rice plates, and even the classic fried rice option. To cater to the health-centric offices, protein and grain bowls are also some of the top box lunch ideas amongst our clients. These options are usually build-your-own style, which allow your team to easily customize their bowls based on their tastes and dietary preferences.

5. Roti


Source: Butter Chicken Roti, Toronto

Yes, this one actually comes in a box and is perfect for lunch catering. You will want to say goodbye to sandwiches after you bite into a pocket of delicious spices and flavours. Choose from a variety of meat and veggie options catered to satisfy every taste bud in the office.

6. Gyro and Shawarma Wraps


Wrap it up! Gyro and shawarma wraps are also an essential office boxed meal that keeps your team dreaming about lunch. The days of grabbing a cold wrap from your cafeteria fridge are over – these hearty wraps filled with protein and veggies will keep your energy level flowing.

7. Pie with a side salad or soup


Source: Kanga Aussie Meat Pies, Toronto

Savoury pies might just be better than sweet pies … sometimes. The unique boxed lunch combo of a pie and side is a fan favourite amongst many of our clients. What’s not to love about having an individual pie and all the pie crust to yourself? Add a side salad or soup and you got yourself a crowd-pleasing lunch.

8. Personal-sized Pizzas


The only thing better than a pizza is a personal-sized pizza. That’s right – you don’t need to count how many pieces you can take before getting glares from your coworkers. Individual pizzas are the perfect office boxed lunch choice to celebrate Fridays, or any day.

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