6 occasions for team meals—and where to order in Atlanta

A last-minute breakfast meeting. The boss is in town and wants to host a lunch. A colleague announced it’s their birthday. Your team decided to throw an after-work party.

There are always so many reasons and occasions to order food for the office. Plus, more companies are ordering food on a weekly, or daily, basis to set themselves apart from the competition, attract and retain the best talent and keep the social culture alive.

But scrambling to order meals can be overwhelming and stressful—food quality and punctuality aside.

Today, we’ll look at six scenarios when team meals are a-must and pair them with some of Foodee’s best local, owner-operated restaurants in Atlanta, GA.

6 office occasions for team meals—and where to order in Atlanta, GA

1. Last-minute breakfast meetings

Whether last minute or not, coffee and breakfast treats (ie. brain food) are always a good thing at an early-morning meeting. Here are a few great Foodee options in Atlanta.

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

These biscuits are fluffy and crispy in all the right places. Go for a baker’s dozen and order them the night before for fresh, homemade biscuits with butter. Serve them with fresh coffee and orange juice. Perfect.

Flying Biscuit Cafe

Looking for a breakfast sandwich tray or an assorted continental breakfast tray? This is the place for you. This cute mom n’ pop restaurant serves breakfast hot and on time.

Breakfast sandwich in a biscuit with a side salad on a plate

2. Team bonding lunches

We recently wrote about the power of team building with food—and this definitely applies to team lunches. What better way to reconnect as a team than by breaking bread together?


Looking for a meaty lunch? DBA BBQ has boxed lunch sandwiches for the whole team or meat platters by the pound if you feel like getting real sharing-is-caring style about it. Just add sides.

Fish Bowl Poke

This is a fun idea. Order the various sides and toppings to create your own fish poke bowl and serve groups of five with each order. If you didn’t already know, poke bowls are fun, fresh, healthy and super trendy.

A poké bowl in a togo container

3. Town Hall office snacks

Sometimes, end-of-quarter meetings take a while. And people get hungry. And tired of standing. And then they zone out. That’s where snacks come in handy.

Rawesome Juicery

Because not everyone wants to hear you munching away and crinkling wrappers, why not go for some healthy juice or breakfast smoothies? What a great way to kick of the quarter—and start the day. Plus, it’ll keep your colleagues alert and hydrated.

A red smoothie with raspberries and apples around it

4. After-work celebratory cocktail party

No celebration is complete without a few things to pick at. While you’re on your own for supplying the alcoholic refreshments, we do have a couple of cocktail platter ideas up our sleeves.

Jack’s Pizza and Wings

Need I say more? Just check out their menu. They literally have everything you and your entire team could want for a Friday-night kind of party.

Tannour Grill

Nothing says cocktail party quite like olives and hummus. Go ahead and order the hummus tray or the baba ganoush, pita and tabbouleh salad.

5. Team dinner during the busy season

Sometimes people have to work late, especially during the busy season or big pushes toward product launches. This only works if employees have brain food to keep them going.


Did someone say sharing-style dishes of ravioli, saucy spaghetti, creamy fettuccine and lasagna? Count me in for working late if you’re serving up homemade pasta like this. Plus they even make huge specialty salads for groups. It’s all about balance.

Juicy Drop

Sometimes you don’t want a super heavy meal to weigh you down—especially if you still have work to do. Juicy Drop has a great variety of delicious locally-made salads to share with many team members.

A pear, blue cheese, walnut, and meat salad in a bowl with bread underneath

6. Company-wide party

Big office win? Great quarter? Anniversary? Going public? Holiday season celebrations? There are so many reasons to celebrate. Here at Foodee, we have many local restaurants that can help cater your upcoming party, but here are a couple of teasers.

Cameli’s Gourmet Pizza Joint

This owner-operated pizza joint makes all of their dough from scratch and makes the best pizza pies ever. Try the Mama C Margherita pizza with lots of tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil. May as well order the wings while you’re at it.

Panbury’s Double Crust Pies

Although they have sweet, we’re talking about their savory pies today. If you’re serving for a big group, try their mini pie platter with 10 chicken, 10 beef and 10 veggie steaming hot pies. Yum. Why not throw in a sausage roll platter and a family-style caesar salad? Easy and delicious.

Platters of many different mini pies

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